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Diesel particulate filters capture and store exhaust soot for improved emissions but when they go wrong, they can cost thousands to fix. However, with the use of a DPF cleaner, you are able to improve the stability of the system and restore performance.

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DPF systems can be found on most modern diesels and they trap and hold any harmful emissions. The stored deposits are eventually burnt off at high temperatures and this is a process calledDPF regeneration. This process usually happens at speeds over 50 MPH but if you don’t achieve these speeds regularly, it can lead to the DPF becoming blocked. This is where a DPF cleaner becomes useful because it’s designed to clear the deposits blocking the filter.

After having troubles myself with a blocked DPF in the past, we have since always used DPF cleaners. Over the years, we have tested a number of formulas (such as the photo we took above). Therefore, along with our own experience and plenty of research, we are able to rate and recommend a number of DPF cleaners.

If you are looking for a quick answer, the best DPF cleaner is theForte DPF Formula, which is suitable for all diesel engines and aids passive regeneration of the DPF. However, if you are able to spray the cleaner directly into the diesel particulate filter, theK2 DPF Sprayis the best alternative.

Best DPF Cleaner Overview

  • Best Overall: Forte DPF
  • Best For Regular Use: Millers Oils Cleaner
  • Best All-Rounder: Wynn’s WY28272
  • Best Professional: K2 Additive
  • Best For City Driving: Redex Additive
  • Best Budget: STP Cleaner

It’s important to note that the formulas need to be used in accordance with their instructions for the best results. Some may require regular use every 3,000 miles in order to clear trapped soot that’s clogging up the filter.

If you have been using the cleaner and there is no difference, we advise that you connect your car to anOBD2 scannerto confirm that the filter is actually blocked.

Below is alist of the best DPF cleanersthat clear trapped soot and aid the regeneration of the DPF system.

The Best DPF Cleaner

1. Best Overall: Forte DPF Cleaner and Regenerator

By far the most popular DPF cleaner is the Forte formula and for good reason too. It’scompatible with all diesel enginesand is designed to aid passive regeneration of the diesel particulate filter.

The brand recommend that you completely fill the fuel tank and then pour the whole formula into the tank afterwards.


  • Compatible with all diesels and biodiesel up to B30
  • Actively reduces soot emissions
  • Improves the stability of the DPF
  • Reputable brand backing
  • Available to bulk buy


  • One of the most expensive formulas to buy

Although expensive, the Forte DPF cleaner is ahighly rated formula that won’t disappoint. If you have experienced the dreaded warning light orlimp mode, this cleaner may solve your issues when used every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

2. Best For Regular Use: Millers Oils Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

The Millers diesel particulate filter cleaner is another premium option that’s available in a 250 ml bottle. According to the brand, it’s designed toclean the system and restore engine poweras well as fuel economy.

In terms of using this cleaner, the whole bottle treats 60 litres of diesel and as a preventative measure, it should be used every 2,000 miles.


  • Lowers the temperature of regeneration
  • One shot treatment
  • Treats 60 litres of fuel
  • Available in bulk buy options and multiple bottle sizes


  • Regular usage may become expensive in the long run

The Millers DPF cleaner is a high quality option thatcan be used on a regular basisto maintain a cleaner and more efficient DPF. The formula is also backed by the reputable Millers brand, who have a great reputation in the UK.

3. Best All-Rounder: Wynn’s WY28272 DPF Cleaner

Wynn’s are a highly rated brand in the UK that produce a number of specialist chemical treatments. Their diesel particulate filter cleaner isdesigned specifically for city driving cyclesand provides ultra-fast results.

For the best results, the brand recommend that you add one bottle to a minimum of 40 litres of diesel. They also advise that you add it to every third tank of filling as a preventative measure.


  • Reduces soot emissions
  • Cleans and regenerates the particulate filter
  • Ideal solution for city drivers
  • Quicker results than many alternatives
  • Suitable for diesel and biodiesel up to B30


  • Only treats 40 litres of fuel

The Wynn’s WY28272 DPF Cleaner is anexcellent all-round formulathat clears blocked soot filters without requiring dismantling. For those that mostly drive around the city, the brand promises ultra-fast results.

4. Best Professional: K2 DPF Cleaner Additive

The K2 DPF cleaner is a professional formula that comes in a form of a spray and issprayed directly into the filter. Unlike the alternatives, this solution requires you to know where the filter is located and how to remove the sensor.

After the formula has got to work, it completely evaporates and leaves no trace whatsoever inside of the filter.


  • Highly effective as it's sprayed directly in the filter
  • Removes carbon and ash deposits
  • Fast acting formulation
  • Supplied with a nozzle attachment


  • Requires you to locate the DPF and sensor
  • More involving than the alternatives

Overall, the K2 DPF Cleaner is aprofessional grade and highly effective formulathat won’t disappoint. As long as you know where the DPF filter is and the sensor that you need to remove, this product is a great choice.

5. Best For City Drivers: Redex Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

Redex is a highly reputable brand in the UK that are well-known for theirfuel injector cleaner additives. However, they do produce many other additives such as this diesel particulate filter cleaner, which simply pours into the fuel tank and is designed to be used on every third full tank.

The advanced formula works by lowering the temperature that the soot burns at, which is a requirement for those that only drive short distances.


  • Cleans and reactivates DPF’s
  • Simply pours into the fuel tank
  • Use every third tank for the best results
  • Restores performance and fuel economy
  • Backed by a reputable brand


  • Regular use is essential for the formula to be effective

The Redex DPF cleaner is anaffordable and highly rated formulathat’s developed by the reputable Redex brand. The only drawback is that it has to be used on a regular basis for the best results.

6. Best Budget: STP Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

The STP DPF cleaner isone of the cheapestformulas on the market that’s actually worth buying. It’s designed to regenerate the filter and prevent soot build up by lowering the temperature required to burn the trapped soot.

The formula treats 50/60 litres of fuel and its advised that you use it every 1,800 miles as a preventative measure.


  • Cleans and restores
  • Ideal for city drivers
  • Lowers the temperature required to burn soot
  • Made in the UK


  • Regular use is required in order for it to be most effective

If you are on a tight budget and simply want alast ditch attemptat cleaning the DPF, the STP formula is a great option. It’s made in the UK and meets all the latest regulations to ensure it’s safe to use.

How We Rated

As mentioned earlier in the article, we have experienced a blocked DPF filter in the past and it was an expensive repair. However, with the regular use of DPF cleaners, we haven’t had an issue since and highly recommend them to anyone with a modern diesel car that features a diesel particulate filter.

As well as testing a number of cleaners, we also based our recommendations upon a number of factors. These included how easy they are to use, duration between the treatments, additional qualities and value for the money.


DPF cleaners are suitable for most diesels orbiodiesel enginesand may require regular usage to keep the DPF clean. If you find that they aren’t as effective as you would expect, you should try and go on a “spirited” drive whilst keeping the RPM’s high. You could also drive on the motorway and keep the car in a lower gear whilst travelling at 60 to 70 MPH.

All of our recommendations are suitable for a range of budgets and available in bulk buy options for extra value for the money. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you purchase from a reputable brand for complete peace of mind.

The Best DPF Cleaner Additives 2022 | YourCar UK Reviews (7)

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Dan has been a car enthusiast ever since he can remember and has an extensive range of cars that include classic cars that he has restored himself from a barn find condition to modern performance cars. Whether you need advice on how to install car parts or recommendations on what products to buy, Dan’s first-hand experience will certainly help.

If you want to find out more about Dan, our testing process or the website itself, visit our about page for further information.

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