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Seitron Combustion Analyzer - Review

Anyone working in the heating field these days knows that the essential tool to have on hand is a combustion analyzer. With technological development proceeding rapidly, this is one area where you really want to be up on the latest gear. Not only do modern combustion analyzers offer you precision measurement capabilities, but the advanced reporting features now available make a lasting impression on the customer with your professionalism. Additionally, these features are indispensable for keeping accurate and comprehensive records of your work. Having precise data about customer and device history will set you a head above your competition that might do things in a more scattered way. Enter Seitron combustion analyzer models.

Seitron is somewhat of a "new kid on the block" in the American market, but they have been a known and respected brand in the European sphere since the mid-1980s. Based in Italy, Seitron is a company dedicated entirely to thermoregulation technologies, and we're primarily concerned here with their excellent line of combustion analyzers. Just a bit of trivia with a practical point at the end, Seitron's name is derived from "Sistemi Elettronici Italiani" (Italian Electronic Systems) with the common suffix "-tron" that many companies use in the electronics industry. We mention this because the analyzers are all made in Italy. This is a great benefit in a time when much tech equipment is made in countries that have less than stellar reputations for quality. Seitron takes pride in their quality production and Italian heritage, and that is built right into their company name. In recent years Seitron has extended the reach of their brand into the US with the Seitron Americas division. Now US customers have easy access to top-quality combustion equipment and excellent repair and calibration services. Let's jump in and have a look. We'll cover each analyzer in the Seitron commercial line, from the least expensive budget model to the high-end NOVO analyzer.

The Seitron Novo Combustion Analyzer

The Seitron Novois one of the most advanced pieces of combustion analyzing equipment onthe market today. It combines the best of performance, high-techfeatures, and convenience of any analyzer out there. Let's address eachof these qualities in order, and you'll see why this is such an excitingmodel for combustion work.

The first benefit that jumpsout with the Novo in terms of performance is the oxygen sensor. Even themost basic Novo kit comes equipped with a long-life O2 sensor that isdesigned for up to four years of use. For comparison, most analyzers inthe price range have O2 sensors that last about one year. Beyond thataddition, you'll be getting everything we discussed in the S1500 series,including the 15 preprogrammed fuel selection, all the calculatedefficiency values, and other testing functions, as well as thoseever-important field replaceable sensors. Now at this point, other thanthe O2 sensor upgrade, you might be wondering what's so different aboutthe Novo. That's where all the tech and convenience features come in andthey really make a big difference.

First off, what you'llnotice on the technology end is the huge 7" touchscreen interface. NowSeitron has actually contracted to have this screen interface designedexclusively for their analyzer. Many comparatively priced analyzerssimply re-purpose Android tablets and build them into the analyzer body.Since Seitron designed this screen interface for use as a combustionanalyzer only, it works seamlessly and intuitively with the unit'scombustion software. It's really a piece of cake to navigate and usethis analyzer, and that's a massive benefit in a world where apps areoften complicated and hard to learn. Of course, you still have theoption to link up to the mobile app as well through Bluetoothconnection.

There are also a number of upgrades thatSeitron has made to address some recurring problems in the combustionfield. Two of these, in particular, are what we've called conveniencefeatures, but they are also excellent for reducing costs that come frompotential damage repair downtime. Stated plainly, these two features aresimply better than everything else. They are how these components of ananalyzer should be, and we fully expect other companies to jump on thebandwagon soon.

The first of these two features is theintegrated water trap. Typically in just about every other combustionanalyzer, the water trap is a separate unit attached between the probeand the analyzer as a segment of the sampling hose. Other than keepingit protected, the main benefit here is that the unit has a backlightthat will Illuminate the water trap. Now regardless of lightingconditions, you can keep an eye on the condition of the water trapfilter and make sure it's changed whenever necessary.

The feature that really sets the Seitron Novoapart is the so-called "One Probe" connector. On every other analyzerwe're aware of, there are separate connections for temperature, draft,and flue gases. Seitron has built all of these connections into onelarger single "plug and play" connector. It's also notched in an obviousway that you can plug it in without looking or damaging the connectorin any way. On other analyzers, the connections are sometimes hard tonavigate, and the connectors themselves are fragile enough that you canbreak them, leading to costly repairs. So, in addition to this "OneProbe" being convenient, it also acts as a buffer protecting theindividual connections from damage.

On the more basiclevel, you'll get a hardshell case, of course, and the boot is more orless built into the structure of the analyzer. The housing is itselfruggedized and magnetized for hands-free operation. And if you'd like aphysical printer, there are connections at the top of the analyzer foradding a plug-and-play printer, essentially mimicking the function ofthe S1500-P. There are a variety of sensor configurations, and you'llfind a comparison chart on our site, or you can simply call to speakwith our support staff.

A Complete List of All Seitron Novo Models:

Seitron Novo 1 Combustion Analyzer - O2, CO, and CO2 sensors

Seitron Novo 1P Combustion Analyzer - O2, CO, and CO2 sensors, plus printer

Seitron Novo 3 Combustion Analyzer - O2, CO, CO2, NO/NOx sensors

Seitron Novo 3-P Combustion Analyzer - O2, CO, CO2, NO/NOx sensors, plus printer

Seitron Novo 4N Combustion Analyzer - O2, CO, CO2, NO/NOx, NO2, Total NOx sensors

Seitron Novo 4N-P Combustion Analyzer- O2, CO, CO2, NO/NOx, NO2, Total NOx sensors, plus printer

Seitron Novo 4S Combustion Analyzer - O2. CO, NO, and SO2 sensors

Seitron Novo 4S-P Combustion Analyzer - O2. CO, NO, and SO2 sensors, plus printer

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The Seitron S500 Combustion Analyzer

The first model in the Seitron combustion line is the S500. The first thing you'll notice about this little powerhouse meter is the compact platform. Most combustion analyzers are pretty large and typically not for any good reason. This unit is about a large multimeter, which adds to the convenience factor right out of the gate.

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The basic kit version of this model, the S500-1, includes sensors for oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO) and uses these readings also to calculate carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. Something to look for on so-called "budget model" combustion analyzers is the CO measurement range. A lot of residential analyzers in this price range only read up to 2,000ppm CO. The S500 actually reads up to 4,000ppm, which sets it quite apart from comparable models and will allow you to do some lighter commercial work in addition to smaller residential boilers. There are 15 preprogrammed fuel profiles for you to select from, including the most popular ones such as #2 Oil, #4 Oil, #6 Oil, natural gas, propane, wood, and biofuel, among others. Also, onboard you will find a manometer function and temperature sensors. This combination will allow you to calculate a variety of useful readings, including Flue Gas Temperature, Pressure (draft & differential), Temperature Differential, Air Index, Excess Air, Stack Losses, and Combustion Efficiency.

Now, what everyone is interested in these days are the so-called "smart" features. And rest assured that Seitron delivers even on their budget-priced model (and even more so on the advanced analyzers we'll cover shortly). The S500-1 doesn't feature wireless connectivity like the other models but is designed with a genius sort of "workaround" that places this unit squarely among next-gen tools. The feature in question is the generation of an onscreen QR code that contains all the measurement data from each job. You then simply download the Seitron app to your smart device and scan the QR code. This will upload all of your data into the app. Now you have access to all the reporting features of the Seitron app without having to have a wireless connection which keeps the cost of the meter down.

Of course, if you want to skip the QR step, Seitron does offer an upgraded version of this analyzer called the S500-2. This analyzer is the same as the previous model with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity to the app. With this feature, you can wirelessly send your data to the app. Additionally, if you'd like paper results, which are still preferred by some businesses and customers, you can select the S500-2P, which not only features Bluetooth app connection but also includes a Bluetooth printer. With this device on hand, you can send results straight to the included paper printer.

The next model up in this series is the S500-3 which includes all the previously mentioned features and adds an NO sensor (the -3 model doesn't include a printer). With those readings, you can also get a calculated NOx value as well. If you would like a paper printer and need to take NO readings, you can select the S500-3P model.

There are a few more features to mention on this unit before we move up the food chain to the next series of analyzers. One great feature is the inclusion of a hardshell case with all the S500 models. This might seem unimportant, but many budget-friendly analyzers come in a soft padded bag. While affordable, residential analyzers are certainly not cheap pieces of equipment, and it's a huge benefit to be able to protect your tools in a hard case. The meter is encased in a magnetic rubber boot for hands-free operation and also for added protection.

Finally, the sensors are all field-replaceable. While regular calibrations are absolutely recommended, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won't need to send your analyzer to the factory just to get a new O2 sensor. This saves time and potentially money in terms of keeping you operational and avoiding replacement sensor downtime.

Seitron S500 Portable Combustion Analyzer Kits

S500-1 - O2, CO, CO2 Sensors - QR Code forData Reports, No Bluetooth, No Printer

S500-2 - O2, CO, CO2 Sensors - QR Code forData Reports, Bluetooth, No Printer

(Video) E-Instruments E6000 Combustion & Emission Analyzer

S500-2P - O2, CO, CO2 Sensors - QR Code forData Reports, Bluetooth, Printer

S500-3 - O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOx Sensors - QR Code forData Reports, Bluetooth, No Printer

S500-3P - O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOx Sensors - QR Code forData Reports, Bluetooth, Printer

The Seitron S1500 Combustion Analyzer

The next series of Seitron flue gas analyzers is the S1500. The flagship model of this series is called the S1500-P and, as you might guess from the part number, comes with a printer. However, this model, which Seitron is famous for, isn't like your everyday analyzer printer kit. With the S1500-P, the printer is actually built-in to the top of the analyzer. As far as we know, this is a one-of-a-kind combustion analyzer platform. This all-in-one unit is a bit bigger than the beefiest electrical clamp meters but not large enough that you can't operate it with one hand while you control the flue probe with the other. There's no additional setup or any complicated nonsense to get immediate printed results. The S1500-P is the ultimate in convenience in this regard, and reviews from technicians bear this out as it's a favorite feature. If you'd like a slightly more compact configuration, you can select the S1500, which simply omits the built-in printer. If you eventually want printed results, you can get the wireless Bluetooth printer that works with the S500 and S1500 models.

Now, the S1500 models incorporate all of the great features of the S500 series and build upon that excellent foundation. So if you want to use QR codes for your reporting, you have that option. You can also use the Bluetooth connection to stream directly to the app. And of course, as just mentioned, you can print. Seitron is committed to providing tons of reporting options for whatever suits your preferences.

As we mentioned, the critical parameter to look out for in selecting an analyzer is CO measurement range. This is how the industry and technicians categorize what jobs you should use the analyzer for. So the S1500 would qualify as a commercial analyzer since it will comfortably read up to 8,000ppm of CO. Analyzers that go even higher than this are considered industrial, like the Novo from Seitron that we'll cover shortly. One incredibly useful feature not to be overlooked in the S1500 series is vented Over-range protection. This feature is one that will save you money long term as it strongly protects against any user error or even simple accidents. The side of the unit is vented to potentially allow fresh air into the gas sample. By default, the vents are closed, but if the flue probe is exposed to CO levels in excess of the standard measuring range, the analyzer will automatically vent in fresh air to dilute the sample. This process prevents your sensitive CO sensor from becoming overloaded and thus permanently damaged. Techs working in the field know all too well the hassle and cost that comes from having to replace a damaged and overloaded sensor. You never have to worry about this problem with the Seitron S1500 series.

The S1500 has a full-color high-definition display that's great for working in darker environments. Also included is advanced reporting computer software called Seitron Smart Analysis. So not only can you link up via Bluetooth connection to the Seitron app, but you can also take the saved results from the analyzer's memory and upload them to your computer for more detailed analysis and reporting. On that subject, the internal memory stores up to 2000 testing jobs. Now that's certainly a lot, but you'll get there within a busy work year, so it's best to offload your records to a computer where you'll have virtually unlimited storage since these are small file types.

The preprogrammed fuel selection is similar to the S500 series, including #2 Oil, #4 Oil, #6 Oil, natural gas, propane, wood, biofuel, etc. Temperature and pressure sensors (manometer) are also built-in so that you can calculate Flue Gas Temperature, Pressure (draft & differential), Temperature Differential, Air Index, Excess Air, Stack Losses, and Combustion Efficiency. There's also a function for testing for a cracked heat exchanger.

On the physical side, there's a hardshell case included and a heavy rubber boot that is also magnetized. Overall, this is a durable and proudly well-made analyzer that offers high-tech features at an incredible price. As mentioned above, the main points to look out for here and the main things that make this analyzer worth getting are the vast array of reporting options and the relatively high-range CO sensor that has the vented overload protection. These are two significant benefits that you're not likely to find in a similarly-priced analyzer. If you are looking for a complete, fast, easy, robust, accuratecombustion analyzer for boiler smoke analysis, then Seitron S1500 is theright choice.

The Seitron S4500 Combustion Analyzer

In addition to the S1500 that we just covered, Seitron offers the industrial version called the S4500. The Seitron S4500 combustion analyzer is the same platform as the S1500, meaning it looks and functions the same, but the internals are upgraded. Essentially, you have an option that allows you to have up to 4 sensors onboard. The configurations are largely custom based on the job you need to do, so it's best to get in touch with a distributor like ourselves to determine which sensor configuration and model number will best suit your needs. The available options include NO, NO2, Low NO and/or Low NO2, SO2 or Low SO2, and unburnt hydrocarbons (CxHy).



What should flue gas analyser readings be? ›

Flue gas analysers usually display a CO/CO2 ratio. This shows the ratio of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the exit flue (chimney) of the appliance. Generally when this level is below 0.004 the boiler is considered to be running efficiently.

What does a flue gas analyzer measure? ›

A flue gas analyzer will enable you to measure the concentrations of various gases and adjust burners on a boiler to help achieve optimal combustion. Efficient combustion also reduces emission of pollutants such as nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and particulate matter.

What is measured with a combustion analyzer? ›

Combustion analyzers are used to measure the amount of gas content in flue gas. This then helps you determine the efficiency of combustion in your equipment.

How do you use a combustion analyzer? ›

Now we'll go ahead begin running the analysis by inserting the probe into the midpoint of the flue.


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