Railroad reporting marks - Trains (2022)

A complete directory of railroad reporting marks (commonly found on freight cars), from A to Z

AA Ann Arbor Railroad
AALX Advanced Aromatics LP
AAMX ACFA Arrendadora de Carros de Ferrocarril S.A.
AAR Association of American Railroads
AATX Ampacet Corporation
AB Akron and Barberton Cluster Railway Company
ABB Akron and Barberton Belt Railroad Company
ABBX Abbott Labs
ABIX Anheuser-Busch Incorporated
ABL Alameda Belt Line
ABOX TTX Company
ABRX AB Rail Investments Incorporated
ABWX Asea Brown Boveri Incorporated
AC Canadian National (Algoma Central Railway)
ACAX Honeywell International Incorporated
ACBL American Commercial Barge Lines
ACCX Consolidation Coal Company
ACDX Honeywell International Incorporated
ACEX Ace Cogeneration Company (Calif.)
ACFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation (ACF industries)
ACGX Suburban Propane LP
ACHX American Cyanamid Company
ACIS Algoma Central Railway Incorporated
ACIX Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
ACJR Ashtabula Carson Jefferson Railroad Company
ACJU American Coastal Lines Joint Venture Incorporated
ACL CSX Transportation Incorporated (Atlantic Coast Line)
ACLU Atlantic Container Line Limited
ACLX American Car Line Company
ACMX Voith Hydro Incorporated
ACOU Associated Octel Company Limited
ACPX Amoco Oil Company
ACPZ American Concrete Products Company
ACRX American Chrome and Chemicals Incorporated
ACSU Atlantic Cargo Services AB
ACSX Honeywell International Incorporated
ACSZ American Carrier Equipment
ACTU Associated Container Transport (Australia) Limited
ACTX Honeywell International Incorporated
ACUU Acugreen Limited
ACWR Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railway
ACWZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
ACXU Atlantic Cargo Services AB
ACXX Anderson Columbia Company Incorporated
ACY Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Akron, Canton & Youngstown)
ACZX Norfolk Southern Railway Company
ADBF Adrian and Blissfield Rail Road Company
ADCU Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
ADMX ADM Transportation Company
ADN Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
ADRX Addeleston Recycling Corporation
ADSX Andrew Merrilees Limited
AEC Atlantic and East Carolina Railway Company
AECX Associated Electric Cooperative Incorporated (Mo.)
AEFR Aurora Elgin and Fox River Electric
AEIX Alan Eslisk
AEIZ Farrell Lines Incorporated
AEPU American Lines Incorporated
AEPX American Electric Power Service (Ind., Mich., Ohio)
AERC Albany and Eastern Railroad Company
AESX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
AEVX AKZO Coatings Incorporated
AEX Andersons
AF Alabama and Florida Railway Company
AFCU Afram Lines Incorporated
AFCX Atel Leasing Corporation
AFCZ Afram Lines Limited
AFIU ABS Industrial Verification Incorporated
AFIX FIXCOR Industries Incorporated
AFIZ Agmark Foods
AFLR Alabama and Florida Railroad Incorporated
AFPX Honeywell International Incorporated
AFRX AF Railway Industries Incorporated
AFSX Astoria LLC
AG Galveston Railroad L.P.
AGCR Alamo Gulf Coast Railroad Company
AGCX Procor Limited
AGEX NOVA Chemicals Limited
AGHX Agrium U.S. Incorporated
AGIX AGRI Industries
AGLF Knoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated
AGLX Andrews Petroleum Incorporated
AGMX Terra Nitrogen Limited Partnership
AGPX Ag Processing Incorporated
AGR Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway LLC
AGRD A and G Railroad LLC
AGRX Agrifos LLC
AGS Alabama Great Southern Railroad Company
AGYX Centrex Construction Products Inc (American Gypsum Company)
AHCX Arcadian Corporation
AHMX Altos Homos de Mexico SA de CV
AHW Fox Valley and Western Limited
AHWZ Fox Valley and Western Limited
AIDU Albermarle Corporation
AIEU Aviation Import Export Incorporated
AIIZ III Transportation
AINX TTX Company – Acorn Division
AIPX Atlas Iron Processors Incorporated
AIRX American International Rail Services LLC
AITU Western Intermodal
AJCU Australia Japan Container Line
AJPX North American Chemical
AKDN Acadiana Railway Company
AKFX AKF Corporation
AKMD Arkansas Midland Railroad Company
AKMX HELM Financial Corporation
AKZX AKZO Nobel Chemicals Incorporated
AL Almanor Railroad Company
ALAB Alabama Railroad Company
ALAX Equistar Chemicals LP
ALCX Alcan Smelters and Chemicals Limited
ALEX AGRI Industries
ALLX Alliance Machine Company
ALLZ Alliance Shippers Incorporated
ALM Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
ALMX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
ALNX Alberta Government
ALPX Alberta Government
ALQS Aliquippa and Southern Railroad Company
ALRX A and R Leasing Limited Liability Corporation
ALS Alton and Southern Railway Company
ALSX Albis Canada Incorporated
ALTU VTG Vereinigte Tanklage U Transportmittel GMBH
ALTX Southern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
ALUX Alumax of South Carolina Incorporated
ALY Allegheny and Eastern Railroad Incorporated
AM Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Company
AMAX AMAX Coal Company
AMBU Amber Line Incorporated
AMBX American Boiler Works Incorporated
AMC Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
AMCX BP Amoco Chemical Company Chemical Division
AMCZ Interbulk Incorporated
AMEX Allied Enterprises
AMFU Amphibious Container Leasing Limited
AMGX AMG Resources Corporation
AMHR Landisville Railroad Incorporated
AMIU American Marine Industry
AMIX Railcar Leasing Specialists Incorporated
AMIZ American Marine Industries
AMLX American Railcar Company
AMMU Hyundai
AMMX Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company
AMNX American Railcar Leasing Partners
AMOX Amoco Oil Company
AMOZ American Oil Company
AMPX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
AMRX Consolidated Oil and Transportation Company Incorporated
AMRZ American Chassis Leasing Incorporated
AMSX AllTrans Management Services Corp
AMTK National Railroad Passenger Corporation
AMTZ Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
AMXU Americas Marine Express Incorporated
AN Apalachicola Northern Railroad
ANAU Alliance Navigation Line Incorporated
ANAX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
ANCX Norit Americas Incorporated
ANDX Andesite Rock Company
ANKX A and K Railroad Materials Incorporated
ANR Angelina and Neches River Railroad
ANSX Ansco Investment Company
AOCU Associated Octel
AOCX Aluminum Company of America
AOIX Marathon Ashland Petroleum Company
AOK Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad Incorporated
AOUX Alberta and Orient Glycol Company Limited
APA Apache Railway Company
APAX Cimentos Apasco S.A. De C.V.
APCU American President Lines Limited
APCX Allied Lime Company
APD Albany Port District
APEX Apex Tank Car Line
APHX Air Products Polymers LP
APIX Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
APLU American President Lines Limited
APLX APL Land Transport Services Incorporated
APLZ American President Lines Limited
APMU Maersk Lines
APMX Air Products Manufacturing Company
APNC Appanoose County Community Railroad
APOX Albama Power Company
APRX Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated
APSX Arizona Public Service Company
APTX Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated
APWX Appalachian Power Company
APXX Alberta Prairie Rail Excursions
AQCX Aqua-Chem Incorporated Cleaver Brooks Division
AR Aberdeen and Rockfish Railroad Company
ARA Arcade and Attica Railroad Corporation
ARC Alexander Railroad Company
ARCX Arizona Rail Car Incorporated
ARDP Union Pacific Railroad Company
ARDU CATU Containers S.A.
ARE A. and R. Line Incorporated
AREX Aeropres Corporation
ARGX Associated Railcar Incorporated
ARHU CATU Containers S.A.
ARHX Arch Mineral Corporation
ARIX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
ARMH Union Pacific Railroad Company
ARMN Union Pacific Railroad Company
ARMX American Rail and Marine Corporation
ARMZ Armasal Line
ARN Alberta RailNet Incorporated
AROX General American Transportation Corporation
ARPX Amoco Oil Company
ARR Alaska Railroad Corporation
ARRX Anthracite Railroads Historical Society Incorporated
ARSX Aristech Chemical Corporation
ART American Refrigerator Transit Company
ARTU CATU Containers S.A.
ARW Arkansas Western Railway Company
ARWX Alabama River Woodlands Incorporated
ARZC Arizona and California Railroad Company
ASAB Bay Line Railroad LLC
ASCX Armco Steel Company L.P.
ASGX Ash Grove Cement Company
ASHU Maritainer France SA
ASHX American Soda LLP
ASR Allegheny Southern Railroad Incorporated
ASRX Domino Sugar Company
ASRY Ashland Railway Incorporated
ASRZ Agri/Share Cooperative
ASTX Asarco Incorporated
ATCX Southern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
ATEX Asplundh Tree Expert Co Railroad Division
ATGU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
ATGX ATEL Leasing Corporation
ATIU Societe Auxillaire De Transport Et D’Industries
ATLT Austin Todd and Ladd Railroad Company
ATLU American Marine Industries
ATLX Atlas Machine and Iron Works Incorporated
ATLZ American Marine Industries
ATMX U.S. Dept. of Energy Albuquerque Operations Office
ATOU Atochem
ATSF Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe)
ATTX TTX Company
ATW Atlantic and Western Railway
AUG Augusta Railroad Corporation
AVL Aroostook Valley Railroad Company
AVLU Allied Van Lines
AVR Allegheny Valley Railroad Company
AWCX Airco Welding Products
AWDX Atlantic of New York Incorporated
AWIX Albright and Wilson Americas Incorporated
AWP CSX Transportation Incorporated (Atlanta & West Point)
AWW Algers Winslow and Western Railway
AWXX East Carbon development Company
AWZZ McCloud Railway Company
AXCU Ace Transportation Company
AXXZ Agricultural Express of America
AZCR Arizona Central Railroad Incorporated
AZCX Azcon Corporation
AZER Arizona Eastern Railway Company
AZEX Arizona Electric Power Cooperative Incorporated
AZMX Arizona Railway Museum

BADX Baden Investment Company
BAEX Andersons
BANU Bank Winter and Co Aktiengesellschaft
BAPX Bay Area Piggyback Incorporated
BAR Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company
BARU Barons Leasing Corporation
BARZ Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company
BASX Bay State Milling Company
BAWX Babcock and Wilcox Company
BAYL Bay Line Railroad LLC
BAYU Mobay Chemical Corporation
BAYX Bayer Corporation
BB Buckingham Branch Railroad Company
BBCX ABB Power Generation Incorporated
BBRX Bombardier Incorporated Transportation Equipment Group
BBSZ Barbar Steamship Lines Incorporated
BBTU Bress Bulk International Bulk Transport and Consulting
BCAX Blue Circle Incorporated
BCCX Border Chemical Company Limited
BCDX Borden Chemical Incorporated
BCGX Bay Cities Gas Corporation
BCH Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited
BCIT BC Rail Limited
BCIU Bay Cities Leasing Company
BCIX Blue Circle Incorporated
BCJU Bay Cities Leasing Company
BCLR Bay Colony Railroad Corporation
BCLU Bibby Bros Company
BCMX Bullet Concrete Materials Company
BCNE Canadian National Railway
BCOL BC Rail Limited
BCRX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
BCRY Cando Contracting Limited (Barrie-Collingwood Railway)
BCTZ Boise Cascade Corporation
BCVX West Coast Express
BCWX Union Tank Car Company
BCYU Bay Cities Leasing Company (Union Pacific)
BDCX Anchor Glass Container
BDLX BDL Company
BDMX Blue Diamond Mining Incorporated
BDNX Baroid Drilling Fluids Incorporated
BDRV Belvidere and Delaware River Railway
BDTL Ballard Terminal Railroad Company
BDW Bad Water Line
BECX FMC Corporation
BEEM Beech Mountain Railroad Corporation
BELX Belle Haven Foods Incorporated
BENX Investors Property Service
BFCX Berwick Freight Car Company
BFGX Oxy Vinyls LP
BFHU Bailee Freight Services Limited
BFIX Bethlehem Steel Corporations
BFRR Buffalo Ridge Railroad Incorporated
BFSU Bailee Freight Services Limited
BGEX GATX Capital Corporation
BGKU Schering AG
BGSX Strata Corporation
BHCU Bridgehead Container Service
BHP BHP Nevada Railroad Company
BHTX Bernhart Crane and Rigging Company
BIAX Ocala Recycling Recycling
BIDU Universal Bulk-Handling Limited
BIGX Air Liquide America Corporation
BIRR Bellingham International Railroad LLC
BISX Brandenburg Industrial Service Co
BITY Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
BJGX B. J. Gas Supply Incorporated
BJHX BJ Titan Services Company
BJOX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
BJRY Burlington Junction Railway
BKLU Bank Line Limited
BKRR Batten Kill Railroad Company Incorporated
BKRU Baker Tanks
BKTY Union Pacific Railroad Company
BLCX Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
BLE Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company
BLKM Black Mesa and Lake Powell
BLKU Bulkhaul Company Limited
BLKZ Mid-American Intermodal Equipment Corporation
BLMR Blue Mountain Railroad Incorporated
BLOR Bloomer Line
BM Guilford Rail system (Boston & Maine)
BMAZ Transamerica Leasing (Better Asset Management)
BMCX Bluewater Michigan Chapter Incorporated
BMDZ Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
BMH Beaufort and Morehead Railroad Co
BMIZ Burlington Motor Carriers
BML Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad
BMRG Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad
BMS St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company
BMSX Bemis Company Incorporated
BMZ Boston and Maine Corp
BN Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Burlington Northern)
BNAU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNAZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNFE Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNIU British and Irish Steam Packet Company
BNML Burlington Northern (Manitoba) Limited
BNO Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNPZ Pacific Rail Services
BNQ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNRQ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNRZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNSF Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNXU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BNZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
BO CSX Transportation Incorporated (Baltimore & Ohio)
BOBX Freeman Gas of N.C. Incorporated
BOCT CSX Transportation (Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad)
BOGU BSL Transport
BONU Bond International Limited
BOP Border Pacific Railroad Company
BORX U.S. Borax Incorporated
BORZ Ecorail Incorporated
BOSU W. BOS Vloeistof Transport B.V.
BOZ CSX Transportation Incorporated (Baltimore & Ohio)
BPAX US Dept of Energy Bonneville Power Administration
BPAZ Acme Markets Incorporated
BPCU B P Chemicals Belgium
BPCX Basin Electric Power Cooperative
BPIX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
BPLU M1 Engineering Limited
BPLX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
BPOX BP Amoco Chemical Comp. BP Oil Division
BPPX GATX Capital Corporation
BPRR Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Incorporated
BR Bradford Industrial Rail Incorporated
BRAX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
BRBX Bombardier Transportation
BRC Belt Railway Company of Chicago
BRCX Bunge Corporation
BREX Big Rivers Electric Corporation (Ky.)
BRFD Branford Steam Railroad
BRG Brownsville and Rio Grande International Railroad
BRIX Incobrasa Industries Limited
BRNU Brun S.A.
BRNZ Comtrak Incorporated
BROU Swedish Transocean Lines
BRRC Borinstein Railroad Company
BRRX Brooklyn Resource Recovery Incorporated
BRW Black River and Western Corporation
BS Birmingham Southern Railroad Company
BSCX Bethlehem Steel Corporation
BSDA BSDA Railroad
BSIX Bethlehem Steel Corporation
BSLU Blue Star Line Limited
BSMX Bay State Milling Company
BSOR Buffalo Southern Railroad Incorporated
BSPX Otter Tail Power Company (S.Dak.)
BSRX Branson Scenic Railway Incorporated
BSTX Trinitas Corporation
BTAX Air Liquide America Corporation.
BTC Birmingham Terminal
BTCO Boston Terminal Company
BTCU Bulkmatic Transport Co
BTCZ Bulkmatic Transport Company
BTEX BTE Equipment LLC
BTLZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
BTRX Rocky Mountain Transportation Services
BTTX TTX Company
BUDX Budd Company (temporary)
BUDZ Bud Antle Incorporated
BUGX Bruggere and Monson
BUKX Louisville Gas and Electric Company
BUNZ Burnside International Trucks Limited
BVCX West Coast Express
BVHX B.V. Heddrick Gravel and Sand Company
BVRY Brandywine Valley Railroad Company
BWCX GE Plastics
BXBX BXB Corporation
BXN Bauxite and Northern Railway Company

(Video) Reporting Marks | How Railroads Identify their Equipment

CA Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad
CAAX MHC Incorporated Subsidiary of ConAgra Incorporated
CABU Bacardi and Company Limited
CABX Cabot Corporation
CACZ Comacasa Line
CADX CAN DO Incorporated
CAFU Bay Cities Leasing Company
CAGX MHC Incorporated Subsidiary of ConAgra Incorporated
CAGY Columbus and Greenville Railway Company
CAGZ Columbus and Greenville Railway Company
CALA Carolina Southern Railroad Company
CALX California Railcar Corporation
CANX CANAC International Incorporated
CAOX Westlake CA and O
CAPX TransAlta Utilities Corporation
CARR Carrollton Railroad
CARX Lamson and Sessions
CARZ Anton Caraton and Son
CASO Canadian Pacific Railway (Canada Southern)
CATU CATU Containers S.A.
CAXU Container Applications International Incorporated
CBC Chemins de fer Baie des Chaleurs Incorporated
CBCX Morton International
CBGR Council Bluffs Railway Company/Great Western Railway of Iowa LLC
CBHU China Ocean Shipping Company
CBIU Combi Line-Lash
CBIX Central Bi-Products
CBL Conemaugh and Black Lick Railroad
CBLU Cooper Brothers Containers Limited
CBNS Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway
CBPU CBSL Transportation Services Limited
CBQ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy)
CBQZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
CBRM Chillicothe-Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority
CBRW Columbia Basin Railroad Company
CBRY Copper Basin Railway Incorporated
CBYN Crosbyton Railway Company Incorporated
CC Canadian National (Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad)
CCAX FDJ Leasing
CCBX Union Carbide Corporation
CCCL Connecticut Central Railroad Company
CCCU Compass Container Co Incorporated
CCCZ Compass Container Co Incorporated
CCDX Dayton Power and Light Company
CCEZ Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad Company
CCFZ Chi-Can Freight Forwarding
CCGX Cando Contracting Limited
CCHX Columbian Chemicals Canada Limited
CCIM Corpus Christie Terminal
CCIZ Crete Intermodal
CCKX CCKX Incorporated
CCKY Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway Company
CCLU Char Ching Shipping (USA) Limited
CCLX Crystal Car Line Incorporated
CCPX Canadian Chemical Producers’ Assoc.
CCR Kansas City Southern Railway Company (Corinth & Counce)
CCRA Camp Chase Industrial Railroad Corporation
CCRR Claremont Concord Railroad Corporation
CCRU Compagnie Des Containers Reservoir
CCRX Coastal Refining and Marketing Incorporated
CCRY Charles City Rail Lines Incorporated
CCRZ Kansas City Southern Railway Company
CCSU Trans Ocean Limited
CCT Central California Traction Company
CCTU Coordinated Caribbean Transport Incorporated
CCTX Central Power and Light Company (Texas)
CCTZ Crowley Maritime Corporation
CCUO Chicago-Chemung Railroad Corporation
CCWX Coastal Chem Incorporated
CCX Columbian Chemicals Co (Subsidiary of Phelps Dodge Corporation)
CCXU Char Ching Shipping (USA) Limited
CCXX Costain Coal Incorporated
CDAC Canadian American Railroad Company
CDAU Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
CDAZ Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
CDCX Air Liquide America Corporation
CDGX Service Oil Company
CDLZ Cardinal Freight Carriers
CDNU Carotrans International
CDTX California Department of Transportation
CEBX Combustion Engineering Incorporated
CEDR Cedar River Railroad Company
CEFX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
CEI Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago & Eastern Illinois)
CEIW Central Indiana and Western RR Company
CELX Celtran Incorporated Subsidiary of Hoechst Celanese Corporation
CEMR Central Manitoba Railway Incorporated
CEMX Cemex Mexico SA de CV
CENX Western Aggregates Incorporated
CEPX Trinity Industries Leasing
CERA Central Railroad Company of Indianapolis
CERX ER Carpenter LLP
CETU Custom Environmental Transport Incorporated
CEWX Canadian Enterprise Gas Products
CF Cape Fear Railways Incorporated
CFKZ XTRA Intermodal
CFLX Crestbrook Forest Industries (captive service)
CFMX Cargill Incorporated
CFNR California Northern Railroad Company
CFRU Cardinal Freight Carriers
CFSX C and T Refinery Incorporated
CFTX Canadian Fertilizers Limited
CFWR Caney Fork and Western Railroad
CG Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Central of Georgia)
CGAX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
CGBX Dow Chemical Canada Incorporated
CGCX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
CGDX Country Gas Distributors Incorporated
CGEX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
CGFX Consolidated Gas Company of Florida
CGLX CGTX Incorporated
CGMU Compagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
CGMX CGTX Incorporated
CGMZ Compagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
CGNE Champagne Railroad Incorporated
CGOX Cargill Incorporated
CGRX Consolidated Grain and Barge Company
CGSX Proflame Incorporated
CGT Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway
CGTU Compagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
CGTX CGTX Incorporated
CGW Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago Great Western)
CHAU Combined Transport Group Incorporated
CHAX Chartrand’s Tank Car Service
CHEX Equistar Chemicals
CHFU Challenge International
CHIU Chimco – Bulgaria
CHLX Chemleco Incorporated
CHMX Southern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
CHP Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
CHR Chestnut Ridge Railway Company
CHRC Chaparral Railroad Company Incorporated
CHRR Chesapeake Railroad Company
CHRX The Chesapeake Division
CHSX Cenex Harvest States Cooperative
CHSZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
CHTS Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
CHTT Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer)
CHVX Chevron Chemical Company
CHW Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CI Cambria and Indiana Railroad Company
CIC Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway
CIIX Contico International Incorporated
CIND Central Railroad Company of Indiana
CIPX Ameren Energy Generating Company
CIR City of Rochelle Illinois
CIRR Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad
CIRX Consbec Incorporated
CISD Colonel’s Island Railroad Company
CITU Citroen
CITX PLM International Incorporated
CIW Illinois Central Railroad Company (Chicago & Illinois Western)
CIXX Calciner Industries Incorporated
CJPX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
CKIX C.K. Industries
CKP Colorado Kansas and Pacific Railway Company
CKRY Central Kansas Railway Incorporated
CKSI Carthage Knightstown and Shirley Railroad
CLC Columbia and Cowlitz Railway Company
CLCZ Complete Logistics Company
CLDZ Celadon Trucking Services Incorporated
CLEX Cieco Corporation
CLGU Costa Line Cargo Services
CLIX Calumet Lubricants
CLMX Cyprus Sierrita Corporation
CLNA Carolina Coastal Railway Incorporated
CLOU CLOU Container Leasing GmbH
CLOX Clark Refining and Marketing Incorporated
CLP Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad
CLPX Boulder Scientific Company
CLPZ Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad Company
CLRX Clayton Rail
CLSL Columbia and Silver Creek Railroad
CLSX Cargill Incorporated Salt Division
CLTU Chemical Leaman Tank Lines Incorporated
CLTX Cloro de Tehuantepec S.A. de C.V.
CM Central Montana Rail Incorporated
CMC CMC Railroad Incorporated
CMCU Crowley Maritime Corporation
CMCX Sweetman Construction Company
CMCZ Crowley Maritime Corporation
CMDX Cargill Incorporated
CMGN Central Michigan Railway Company
CMHX CarMath Incorporated
CMIX Consolidated Minerals Incorporated
CMLU Containers Marine Lines (Division of American Export)
CMLZ Containers Marine Lines Isbrandtsen
CMMU Medcontainers
CMO Union Pacific Railroad Company
CMPA Madison Railroad Division of City of Madison Port Authority
CMPU Complete Logistics Company
CMSN Crowley Marine Services
CMU Columbus Charter Service
CMUU Canada Maritime Agencies Limited
CN Canadian National Railway
CNA Canadian National Railway
CNAZ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
CNDX Connecticut Department of Transportation
CNEU Canadian National Railway
CNEZ Canadian National Railway
CNGU Sicng (Ind. Chim. Du Nord de la Grece S.A.)
CNGX CONAG Finance Incorporated-CNG Transmission Corporation
CNHX Ontario Hydro
CNIS Canadian National Railway
CNLX CANAC International Incorporated
CNMZ Consolidated Rail Corporation
CNNU Compania Nacional de Nabegacao (US African Line)
CNOR Cincinnati Northern
CNOW Columbia and Northern Railway Company
CNPU Canadian National Railway
CNPZ Canadian National Railway
CNQ Canadian National Railway
CNRR California Northern Railroad
CNRU Canadian National Railway
CNRZ Canadian National Railway
CNSX Consolidated Oil and Transportation Company Incorporated
CNTP Norfolk Southern (Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Company)
CNTX Continental Tank Car Corporation
CNUR C and NC Railroad Corporation
CNVX Convoyeur National Incorporated
CNW Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago & North Western)
CNWX Canadian Wheat Board
CNWZ Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago & North Western)
CNYK Central New York Locomotive Company
CNZR Central New England Railroad Company
CO CSX Transportation Incorporated (Chesapeake & Ohio)
COAX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated.
COBX Cobre Mining Company Limited
COCX Chevron Oronite Company LLC
COER Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
COEZ Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
COLX Alliant Energy
COMX Commonwealth Edison Company
CONU Contrans
CONX Conoco Incorporated
COOK Cook Transit
COOX First Union Rail
COP City of Prineville Railway
COPX CanadianOxy Industrial Chemicals Limited Partnership
CORP Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad Incorporated
CORU CATU Containers S.A.
CORX Coors Brewing Company
COSU China Ocean Steamship Limited
COSX Cabot Corporation CAB-O-SIL Division
COZ CSX Transportation Incorporated (Chesapeake & Ohio)
CP Canadian Pacific Railway
CPAA Canadian Pacific Railway
CPAX CITGO Petroleum Corporation
CPBU SOO Line Railroad
CPBZ SOO Line Railroad
CPCX CPS Chemical Company
CPDR Carolina Piedmont Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
CPDU Canadian Pacific (Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated)
CPDX Chevron USA Incorporated
CPDZ Canadian Pacific (Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated)
CPGZ ContainerPort Group Incorporated
CPHX Ontario Hydro
CPI Canadian Pacific Railway
CPIX ICI Acrylics Incorporated
CPLX CPLX Leasing Limited
CPOX Consumers Power Company (Mich.)
CPPU Canadian Pacific Railway
CPPX Consolidated Papers Incorporated
CPPZ Canadian Pacific Railway
CPRS Canadian Pacific Railway
CPRX Carolina Power and Light Company
CPRZ Canadian Pacific Railway
CPT Canadian Pacific Railway
CPVU Containers And Pressure Vessels ltd
CPWX Canadian Wheat Board
CQPA Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania Railway Incorporated
CR Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Conrail)
CRAZ Cornucopia Transportation Incorporated
CRCU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CRCX Consolidated Rail Corporation
CRCZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CRDX Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
CRE Consolidated Rail Corporation (Eastern District)
CREU Canadian Retail Shippers Association
CREX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
CREZ Canadian Retail Shippers Association
CRGX Cargill Incorporated
CRIJ Carolina Rail Services Incorporated
CRIX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
CRL Chicago Rail Link
CRLE Coe Rail Incorporated
CRLU Carlisle Leasing International
CRLX Canadian Railserve Limited
CRMU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CRMX MHC Incorporated (Subsidiary of Conagra Incorporated)
CRMZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CRN Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CRPU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CRPX Centennial Gas Liquide LLC
CRQU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CRR CSX Transportation Incorporated (Clinchfield Railroad)
CRRX Canon City and Royal Gorge Railroad LLC
CRSX Cost Rail Service
CRTZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CRXU Cronos Containers (U.K.)
CRYX Cryo-Trans Incorporated
CRZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
CS Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Colorado & Southern)
CSAU Costa Line
CSBX Cargill Incorporated Salt Division
CSCD Cascade and Columbia River Railroad Company
CSCX Coal Supply Corporation
CSDX Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
CSKR C and S Railroad Corporation
CSKU Consolidated Services Incorporated
CSL Chicago Short Line Railway Company
CSMX Carol and Andy Muller
CSNX Trident NGL Incorporated
CSO Connecticut Southern Railroad
CSOX CITGO Petroleum Corporation
CSP Camas Prairie RailNet Incorporated
CSPX Chesapeake Speciality Products
CSRX Conway Scenic Railroad
CSRZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
CSS Chicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad
CSTX Canada Starch Company Incorporated
CSUX City of Colorado Springs Department of Electric Generation
CSVU Compania Sud Americana de Vapores GmbH
CSWX Central and South West Services Incorporated
CSXE CSX Transportation Incorporated
CSXT CSX Transportation Incorporated
CSXU CSX Transportation Incorporated
CSXZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
CSYX Central Soya Company Incorporated
CT City of Columbia d/b/a Columbia Terminal
CTCU Container Trading Company
CTCX Endasa S.A. De C.V.
CTE Cen-Tex Rail Link Limited
CTEU Spanish Lines
CTEX PLM International Incorporated
CTGZ Combined Transport Group Incorporated
CTIE Kansas City Southern Railway Company
CTIU CTI-Container Transport International Incorporated
CTIZ CTI-Container Transport International Incorporated
CTKU Container Tank Services Limited
CTLX Endasa S.A. De C.V.
CTML Cairo Terminal Railroad Company
CTN Canton Railroad Company
CTNX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
CTPX Courtesy Corporation
CTR Clinton Terminal Railroad Company
CTRN Central of Tennessee Railway and Navigation Company
CTRU Container Trading Company
CTRW Carlton Trail Railway Company
CTRX C and T Refinery Incorporated
CTSU Bibby Bros Company
CTSX Chem Comp Systems d/b/a CTS Cement Manufacturing Incorporated
CTSZ Carotrans International
CTTX TTX Company
CTUU Container Trading Company
CTVX Cleveland Terminal and Valley Railway Incorporated
CTWU Container Trading Company
CTZZ Continental Transportation Company
CUEX Colorado-Utility Electric Assoc.
CUOH Columbus and Ohio River Railroad Company
CUST Chicago Union Station Company
CUVA Cuyahoga Valley Railway Company
CV Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (Central Vermont)
CVC Canadian National Railway (Central Vermont)
CVQ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
CVR Cimarron Valley Railroad L.C.
CVRX Locomotive and Tower Preservation Fund Limited
CVRX Caddo Valley Railroad Company
CVRY Caddo Valley Railroad Company
CVRZ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
CW Colorado and Wyoming Railway Company
CWBX C. W. Brooks Incorporated
CWCX Canandaigua Wine Company Incorporated
CWCY Caldwell County Railroad Company
CWEX Midwest Generation LLC (Ill.)
CWIU Con-Way Intermodal
CWIZ Con-Way Intermodal
CWMX Chemical Waste Management Incorporated
CWP Chicago Rail Link
CWR CWR Incorporated
CWRL RailAmerica Central Western Railway Corporation
CWRY Commonwealth Railway Incorporated
CWRZ Providence and Worcester Railroad Company
CWTX ChemWest Industries Incorporated
CWTZ Con-Way Truckload Services
CXPZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
CXRZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
CXVZ CSX Intermodal Incorporated
CYCY Crystal City Railroad Incorporated
CYDX Conrad Yelvington Distributors Incorporated
CYTX Construcciones Y Trituaraciones S.A. De C.V.
CZCX Crown Zellerbach Corporation

DA Canadian Pacific Railway (Dominion Atlantic)
DACX VIP Tank Services
DAFU Dafra Lines SA
DAFX Department of Defence Troop Support and Aviation Material Readines
DAFZ Dafra Lines SA
DAIR D and I Railroad Company
DAKR Dakota Rail Incorporated
DALZ D and A Leasing Incorporated
DAPX Dairyland Power Cooperative (Wis.)
DARU Dart Containerline Incorporated
DARZ Dart Intermodal Incorporated
DATU Dart Containerline Incorporated
DATX DATX Associates
DAVX W. R. Grace and Company – Conn. Davison Chemical Division
DAWX D.A. Walmsley and Company
DAX Occidental Chemical Corporation
DBCX BASF Corporation
DBSU Donbar Steamship Company Incorporated
DBUX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
DC Delray Connecting Railroad Company
DCAX Tarmac Fla. Incorporated
DCBX Degussa Corporation
DCCU Dow Corning Corporation
DCCX McDonnell Douglas Corporation
DCFB Dodge City Ford and Bucklin Railroad Company Incorporated
DCFX PLM International Incorporated
DCIU Dana Container Incorporated
DCIX Danella Construction Corporation
DCLU Dutch Container Leasing B.V.
DCLX Dow Chemical Canada Incorporated
DCOU Dow Corning Corporation
DCPX Dart Container Corporation of Pennsylvania
DCRR Dubois County Railroad
DCSU Delta Conteneur Service
DCTX PLM International Incorporated
DDDX Frontier Cooperative Company
DDEX Dupont Dow Elastomers LLC
DDNX Didion Incorporated
DEEX Detroit Edison Company
DEGX Mississippi Power Company
DEMX Demeter Incorporated
DETX Detroit Edison Company
DFTX DTE Transportation Services Limited
DGBY Digby Trucklines
DGCX Dakota Gasification Company
DGHX North American Chemical
DGNO Dallas Garland and Northeastern Railroad Incorporated
DH Canadian Pacific (Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated)
DHNY Canadian Pacific (Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated)
DHPX Dugassa Corporation
DHRU Den Hartogh NV
DIIU Dart Intermodal Incorporated
DJBX Donald J. Bertel d/b/a Gandy Dancer Incorporated
DJJX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
DJLX Joseph Leasing Limited
DJMX Daniel John Marnell
DJPX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
DJRX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
DJTX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
DKPX Duke Power Company (Scale Test Cars)
DKS Union Pacific Railroad Company
DKUX Exxon Company U.S.A.
DL Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Company
DLC Drummond Lighterage
DLFX Diversified Lease Funding Incorporated
DLKU Deltank Limited
DLMX Daylight Locomotives and Machine Works Incorporated
DLPX Degussa Canada Limited
DLRX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
DLSX Diesel Supply Company Incorporated
DLTX Dale L. Thornborough
DLVX Thiokol Corporation
DLWR Depew Lancaster and Western Railroad Company Incorporated
DLWX D.L. and W. Incorporated
DM Lake State Railway Company
DME Dakota Minnesota and Eastern Railroad Corporation
DMHX Davenport Mammoet LLC
DMIR Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company
DMIX Minnesota Corn Processors Bulk Products Division
DMLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
DMLZ DML Containers
DMM Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad Company
DMVW Dakota Missouri Valley and Western Railroad Incorporated
DNAX Dana Railcare
DNE Duluth and Northeastern Railroad Company
DOCX Du Pont Canada Incorporated
DODU Department of Defence (U.S.)
DODX Department of Defence Military Traffic Management Command
DODZ Department of Defence (U.S.) 20′ chassis
DOLX Dolese Bros. Company
DOTX USDOT/Federal Railroad Administration
DOWU Dow Chemical Company
DOWX Dow Chemical Company
DPDZ Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
DPGX Tractech Systems
DPIX Dufour Petroleum Incorporated
DQE De Queen and Eastern Railroad Incorporated
DR Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad Incorporated
DRGW Union Pacific Railroad Company (Denver & Rio Grande Western)
DRGX Denver and Royal Gorge Railway LLC
DRHY Durham Transport Incorporated
DRI Davenport Rock Island and North Western RR Company
DRIR Denver Rock Island Railroad
DRMX Danbury Railway Museum Incorporated
DRSX D.O.T. Rail Services Incorporated
DRTU Dart Intermodal Incorporated
DRTZ Dart Intermodal Incorporated
DSA Soo Line Railroad (Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic)
DSBU Ameribrom Incorporated
DSCX DIFCO Incorporated
DSIX Dowell Schlumberger Incorporated
DSLX DeGussa Corporation
DSLZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
DSRC Dakota Southern Railway Company
DSRR Delta Southern Railroad Company
DT Decatur Junction Railway Company
DTCX DTE Transportation Services Incorporated
DTEX Dresser Transportation Equipment Division Dresser Industries (Test Cars)
DTI Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (Detroit, Toledo & Ironton)
DTIZ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
DTLX Delta Tank Line Company
DTRR Housatonic Rail Road Company (Danbury Terminal)
DTS Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (Detroit & Toledo South Shore)
DTTX TTX Company
DTZZ Direct Transit Incorporated
DUCX Du Pont Canada Incorporated
DUKX Dupps Company
DUPX Du Pont De Nemours and Company Incorporated
DUT Denver Union Terminal Railway Company
DUTC Dallas Union Terminal
DV Delaware Valley Railway Company
DVLX Freeport-McRo-Ran Sulphur Company
DVR Devco Railway Cape Breton Development Corporation (Coal Division)
DVRU Dover Limited
DVS Delta Valley and Southern Railway Company
DVSZ Delta Valley and Southern Railway Company
DWAU Degussa Antwerpen NV
DWC Canadian National Railway (Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific)
DWCX David Witherspoon Incorporated
DWP Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific Railway
DYLX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
DYNX Dyno Nobel Incorporated

EACH East Camden and Highland RR Company
EACU East Asiatic Company Limited
EAGX Eaglebrook Incorporated
EARY Eastern Alabama Railway
EASO EASX Corporation d/b/a EASX Railroad Corporation
EASU Waterfront Container Leasing Company Incorporated
EASZ Waterfront Container Leasing Company Incorporated
EBAX Albemarle Corporation
EBPX Empire Builder Private Cars
ECBR East Cooper and Berkeley Railroad Company
ECCX Ethyl Canada Incorporated
ECDX Ethyl Petroleum Additives Incorporated
ECGX Alabama Power Company
ECIX Erman Corporation
ECLX ELM-Central Rail Leasing
ECO Ecorail Incorporated
ECOX Eco East
ECOZ Ecorail Incorporated
ECPX E.C.C. America Incorporated
ECQX Engineered Carbons Incorporated
ECRX Econo-Rail Corporation
ECRZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
ECUX Exxon Chemical Americas
ECXX ECDC Environmental L.C.
EDCX El Dorado Chemical Company
EDEX Empire District Electric Company
EDGX Alliant Energy
EDIU EDI Incorporated
EDIZ EDI Incorporated
EDW El Dorado and Wesson Railway Company
EDZX Envases de Zacatecas S.A. de C.V.
EE Ellis and Eastern Company
EEC East Erie Commercial Railroad
EEIX Electric Energy Incorporated
EELX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
EERX Ebenezar Railcar Services Incorporated
EFRR Effingham Railroad Company
EGSX Entegy Gulf States Incorporated
EHSX Essex Hybrid Seed Company Incorporated
EICX Edlow International Company
EIDU Ethyl S A
EIRC Eastern Illinois Railroad Company
EIRR Eastern Idaho Railroad Incorporated
EISU Evergreen International (USA)
EJE Elgin Joliet and Eastern Railway Company
EJR East Jersey Railroad and Terminal
EKBU Keiserling (UK) Limited
EL Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Erie Lackawanna)
ELCX Eli Lilly and Company
ELFX Electric Fuels Corporation (Fla.)
ELKR Elk River Railroad Incorporated
ELKX Elkem Metals Company
ELOX ELCON Incorporated
ELS Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad Company
ELSX Kentucky May Coal Company Incorporated
ELTX Soltex Polymers Incorporated
EM Edgemoor and Manetta Railway
EMCU Evergreen Marine Corporation
EMCZ Evergreen International (USA) Corporation
EMEU East Med Tanks Limited
EMHR East Mahanoy and Hazelton Railroad Company
EMIX Environmental Management Incorporated
EMMU Eastern Mediterranean Cont. Company Limited
EMPX Empiregas Equipment Corporation
EMRY Eastern Maine Railway Company
EMTU East-Med Tanks International
EN Canadian Pacific Railway (Esquimalt & Nanaimo)
ENDX Joseph Transportion de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
ENGX Englehard Corporation
ENR E and N Railway Company (1998) Limited
ENRX United States Enrichment Corporation
ENSZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
EOGX Union Carbide Ethylene Oxide/Glycol Company
EPAX Exxon Mobil Corporation
EPCX Enterprise Products Company
EPRY East Penn Railway Incorporated
EPTC East Portland Traction Company
EQUX Equistar Chemicals
ERBU Containers for Bulk Haul Kieserling
ERCU Erco Industries Limited
ERCX EXCEL Railcar Corporation
ERFU Ermefer S.A.
ERLX General Electric Rail Services
ERSX Excel Railcar Services Incorporated
ESCX First Security Bank National Association
ESHR Eastern Shore Railroad Incorporated
ESLJ East St. Louis Junction Railroad
ESLZ East St. Louis Junction RR
ESRX Empire State Railcar Incorporated
ESSX Colonial Chemical Company
ETC East Texas Central Railroad
ETCX Eastman Chemical Company Incorporated
ETL Essex Terminal Railway Company
ETRX Arkansas Power and Light Company
ETRY East Tennessee Railway L.P.
ETSX Emery Tree Service Incorporated
ETTX TTX Company
EUGX Farmland Industries Incorporated
EURX Eurocan Pulp and Paper Company
EUSX Exxon Company U.S.A.
EV Everett Railroad Company
EVAU Eisenbahn-Vverkehrsmittel A.G.
EVT Evansville Terminal Company Incorporated
EWEX Commonwealth Edison Company
EWSX Indianapolis Power and Light Company
EXFU Exsif
EXMX Express Marco Incorporated

FALX Falk Corporation
FANU Brenner Tank Incorporated
FAPR Floydada and Plainview Railroad
FBAU Ahlers Lines NV
FBDC Ford County Historical Railroad Preservation Foundation
FBFU Marine Transworld Equip. Corporation
FBMU CIE Maritime Belge S.A.
FBMX Fayblock Materials
FBSU Franco Belgian Services
FBZU China Ocean Shipping Company
FC Fulton County Railroad Incorporated
FCCM Compania de Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab S.A. de C.V.
FCCX Foxley Cattle Company
FCEN Florida Central Railroad Company Incorporated
FCEX Cenex Harvest States Cooperative
FCHZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
FCM Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FCOX FLO CO2 Incorporated
FCP Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FCPZ National Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales)
FCSX Florida Crushed Stone Company
FCTX Farmers Commodities Transportation
FDDM Union Pacific Railroad Company
FDSU Foodsource Incorporated
FDSZ Foodsource Incorporated
FEC Florida East Coast Railway Company
FECU Yamashita-Shinnihon Line
FECZ Florida East Coast Railway Company
FEIX Farmers Elevator Incorporated of Grace City
FFEZ Frozen Food Express
FFFZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FFIX Procor Limited
FFTX Fun Trains Incorporated
FGCX Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum Incorporated
FGER Fruit Growers Express Company
FGGX Farmers Grain Co-Operative
FGLK Finger Lakes Railway Corporation
FGLX Factor Gas Liquids Incorporated
FGMR Fruit Growers Express Company
FGWX Federal Grain Inspection Service (USDA) (Scale Test Cars)
FILX Wellman Incorporated
FINU Interpool Limited
FINX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
FIR Flats Industrial Railroad Company
FISZ Ecorail Incorporated
FJLX Big West Oil Company
FLAX Flexsys America L.P.
FLCX Flex Leasing Corporation
FLDX DTE Transportation Services Incorporated
FLEX RailLease Incorporated
FLIX Farmland Industries Incorporated
FLJX Big West Oil Company
FLNX R.P. Flynn Incorporated d/b/a Ohio Railway Supply
FLOX Flex Leasing Corporation
FLRX ADM Milling Company
FLSX Great Miami Incorporated
FLT Foss Launch and Tug
FLXU Flexi-Van Containers/Chassis
FLXZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FMCU FMC Corporation Industrial Chenical Group
FMGU Flota Mercante Grancolombiana S.A.
FMID Florida Midland Railroad Company Incorporated
FMIX CCKX Incorporated
FMLX FMC Corporation
FMOX FMC Corporation
FMRC Farmrail Corporation
FNAX Ferrellgas LLP
FNOR Florida Northern Railroad Company Inc
FP Fordyce and Princeton Railroad Company
FPAX Formosa Transrail Corporation
FPBX International Paper Corporation
FPCX Oxy Vinyls LP
FPN Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FPPX Fayette Power Project (Texas)
FPXZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FRDN H and S Railroad Company Incorporated
FREU ABS Industrial Verification Incorporated
FRLU Farrell Lines Incorporated
FRR Falls Road Railroad Company Incorporated
FRSU China Ocean Shipping Company
FRTX Farm-City Transport Incorporated
FRVR Fox Valley and Western Limited
FSHX General Electric Rail Services
FSIX FSIX Incorporated
FSR Fort Smith Railroad Company
FSRR Ferrocarril del Sureste S.A. de C.V.
FST Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FSTU Fastrac Intermodal LLC
FSTX Fuel Supply Trust
FSTZ Fastrac Intermodal LLC
FSUD Fort Street Union Depot Company
FSVB Fort Smith and Van Buren Railway Co
FTCU Firsttank Corporation
FTMZ Fruit Growers Express Company
FTSX Fairmont Tamper
FTTX TTX Company
FUCU Shinko Pantec Company Limited
FURX First Union Rail
FUS Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FVIU Flexi-Van Incorporated
FVIZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FVLZ Venezuelan Line
FVRR Fredonia Valley Railroad Incorporated
FVW Fox Valley and Western Limited
FWCR Florida West Coast Railroad Incorporated
FWD Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Fort Worth & Denver)
FWDB Fort Worth and Dallas Belt Railroad
FWDR Fort Worth and Dallas Railroad Company
FWIU Trans Ocean Limited
FWLX Foster Wheeler Limited
FWRY Fillmore Western Railway Company
FWTZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
FWWR Fort Worth and Western Railroad Company
FXE Ferrocarril Mexicano S.A. de C.V

GA CSX Transportation Incorporated (Georgia Railroad)
GAAB Georgia and Alabama Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
GABX General American Marks Company
GACX General American Marks Company
GAEX General American Marks Company
GAFX Fuller Company
GALX Georgia Power Company
GAMX Arrendadora Nacional De Carros De Ferrocaril
GANO Georgia Northern Railway Company
GAPX Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division
GARX General American Marks Company
GASX General American Marks Company
GATU Gateway Container Leasing
GATX General American Marks Company
GBRX Greenbrier Leasing Corporation
GBRY Gettysburg Railway.
GBRZ Greenbrier Leasing Corporation
GBW Canadian National (Green Bay & Western)
GC Georgia Central Railway L.P.
GCAU G.C.A. Transport Limited
GCCX GATX Capital Corporation
GCDU Overseas Container Limited
GCEU Genstar Container Corporation
GCEZ Genstar Container Corporation
GCFX Alstom Canada Incorporated – Transport
GCIX Gabriel Chemicals Incorporated
GCLX Gold Coast Limited
GCLZ Global Chassis Leasing Incorporated
GCOX Gold Coast Railroad Museum
GCPU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
GCPX Georgia Gulf Corporation PVC Division
GCRX Grand Canyon Railway Incorporated
GCSR Gulf Colorado and San Saba Railway
GCSU G.C.S. Containers Service S.A.
GCTU Gulf Container Lines
GCTX General Chemical Corporation
GCW Garden City Western Railway Company
GCX Honeywell International Incorporated
GDCX General American Marks Company
GDJX Grimmel Industries
GEAX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
GECX General Electric Company Transportation Systems Business Operations
GECZ GE Captial Container Finance Corporation
GEGX GE Gas Turbine
GELX Grain Marketing L.C.
GEMX General Electric Rail Services
GENX General Electric Rail Services
GEOX GEO Specialty Chemicals
GEPX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
GET Gettysburg & Northern Railway
GETX General American Marks Company
GETZ Transport International Pool Incorporated
GEX General Electric Company
GEXR Goderich-Exeter Railway Company Limited
GF Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Georgia & Florida)
GFAX Gordon Fay Associates Incorporated
GFC Grand Falls Central Railway Company Limited
GFCZ General Foods Corporation
GFR Grand Forks Railway Company
GFRR Georgia and Florida Railroad Company
GFSX GATX Capital Corporation
GGCX Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Div
GGIX Garvey International Garvey Grain Division
GGMX Golden Gate Railroad Museum Incorporated
GGPX General American Marks Company
GGS Georgia Great Southern Division South Carolina Central Railroad
GHBX G.Heileman Brewing CompanyIncorporated
GHRD Green Hills Rural Development d/b/a Chillicothe-Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority
GIEX GATX Capital Corporation
GIHX Cornerstone C and M Incorporated d/b/a Gifford Hill and Company
GILX Gilman Paper Company
GIMX GATX Capital Corporation
GITM Golden Isles Terminal Railroad Incorporated
GKLX Gold Kist Incorporated
GLBZ Trac Lease Incorporated
GLCU Flex-Van Leasing Incorporated
GLCX Great Lakes Carbon Corporation
GLKU Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
GLKX Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
GLNX GLNX Corporation
GLRX Georgetown Loop Railroad Incorporated
GLSR Gloster Southern Railroad Corporation
GLSX Glacier State Distribution Services Incorporated
GMGX M and G Incorporated
GMHX General Leasing Corporation
GMIX Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
GMO Illinois Central Railroad Company (Gulf, Mobile & Ohio)
GMRC Green Mountain Railroad Corporation
GMRY Great Miami and Scioto Railway Company
GMSR Kansas City Southern Railway Company (Gulf & Mississippi)
GN Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Great Northern)
GNA Kansas City Southern Railway Company
GNAX Holnam Incorporated
GNBC Grainbelt Corporation
GNCU Gallatin National Company
GNFX City of Gainesville Florida
GNLX Georgia Industrial Leasing Company
GNRR Georgia Northeastern Railroad Company
GNWR Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company
GOCU Greenfield Overseas Cont. Incorporated
GOCX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
GOHX General American Marks Company
GONX Railgon Company
GOT Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority
GOTU Gulf Overseas Towing
GPBX Georgia-Pacific Corporation
GPCX Georgia-Pacific Corporation
GPDX General American Marks Company
GPFX General American Marks Company
GPIX Sunbelt Cement
GPLU Management Control and Maintenance S.A.
GPLX General American Marks Company
GPMX Georgia-Pacific Corporation- Mid Continent Wood Products Mfg.Division
GPPX Georgia-Pacific Corporation
GPSX Georgia-Pacific Corporation Eastern Wood Products Mfg.Division
GPUX GPU Service Corporation
GR Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad Incorporated
GRCX Granite Rock Company
GRDX Grand River Dam Authority (Okla.)
GREX Georgetown Rail Equipment Company
GRFF Georgia and Florida Railroad Company
GRIV Gauley River Railroad LLC
GRMX Gopher State Railway Museum
GRN Carolina Piedmont Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
GRNR Grand River Railway Company
GROX First Union Rail
GRPX CIT Group/Capital Finance Group
GRR Georgetown Railroad Company
GRRX Wampum Hardware
GRSX Gunderson Rail Services
GRTX Wheelabrator Coal Services Company
GRWR Great Walton Railroad Company
GRYX John H. Grace Company
GSAX Granite State Concrete Company
GSCU Eurotainer U.S. Incorporated
GSCX GATX/GLC Leasing Corporation
GSF Georgia Southern and Florida Railway Company
GSIX Williams Energy Ventures Incorporated
GSM Great Smokey Mountains Railway
GSNX Helm Financial Corporation
GSOR Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation
GSRX Golden Spike Railroad Services
GSSX Gopher State Scrap and Metal
GSTU Genstar Container Corporation
GSWR Georgia Southwestern Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
GTA Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
GTAX Harvest States Cooperative
GTEU General Transport Equipment Co Inc
GTIS Guilford Transportation Industries
GTIZ G. T. Intermodal U.S.A.
GTLZ G. T. Leasing
GTPZ TIT Services
GTR Great River Railroad; d/b/a Rosedale-Bolivar County Port Comm.
GTRA Golden Triangle Railroad
GTTX TTX Company
GTW Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
GTWQ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
GTZZ GT Trucking Incorporated
GU Grafton and Upton Railroad Company
GUAX Georgia Power Company
GUEX General American Marks Company
GURZ Grafton and Upton Railroad Company
GVDX Oxy Vinyls LP
GVSR Galveston Railroad L.P.
GWAX Railroad Salvage and Restoration Incorporated
GWIX GWI Leasing Corporation
GWR Great Western Railway Company
GWRC Georgia Woodlands Railroad Company
GWRS Great Western Railway Company
GWSR Great Western Railway Company
GWSW GWI Switching Services L.P.
GWWE Gateway Eastern Railway Company
GWWR Gateway Western Railway

HABX Habco International Incorporated
HALX Holland American Line – Westours Incorporated
HAMU Costa Line
HANU Hansa Line
HANX L. Hansen’s Forwarding
HAPX Helm-Atlantic Leasing LLP
HARX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
HATU H A T Enterprises Incorporated
HATX Helm Financial Corporation
HATZ H A T Enterprises Incorporated
HB Hampton and Branchville Railroad Company Incorporated
HBGX HBG Enterprises of Tampa Incorporated
HBL Harbor Belt Line
HBRY Hudson Bay Railway Company
HBT Houston Belt and Terminal Railway
HBWX Georgia Power Company
HCDU ER Nahrungsmittel Ges.MBH and Company KG.
HCGX North American Salt Company
HCIU Steam Packet Yard
HCLX Basell Canada Incorporated
HCMX Harnischfeger CCorporation
HCPX Occidental Chemical Corporation
HCRR Honey Creek Railroad Incorporated
HCRY Huron Central Railway
HCSX Helm Chesapeake LLP
HCTX Martin Marietta Corporation
HDMU Hyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
HDMZ Hyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
HDSX RailAmerica Equipment Corporation
HE Hollis and Eastern Railroad Company
HECX Hoosier Energy REC Incorporated
HELX Helm Financial Corporation
HENU Provincial Trailer Rentals
HENZ Provincial Trailer Rentals
HEPX Ontario Hydro
HEQX HELM Financial Corporation
HERX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
HESR Huron and Eastern Railway Company
HESU Heritage Environmental Services Incorporated
HESX Heritage Environmental Services
HESZ Heritage Environmental Services Incorporated
HGPX Harrison Gypsum Company
HHEX H and H Engineering Construction Incorporated
HHHX Public Service Company of Colorado
HIIX TTX Company – Hamburg Division
HINX Heritage Inks International Corporation
HIPX Reliant Energy HL and P
HJBX H.J. Baker and Bros.Incorporated
HJCU HANJIN Container Lines Limited
HJCZ HANJIN Container Lines Limited
HJVX Helm Locomotive Leasing
HKGU Hong Kong Island
HKIU Hong Kong Islands Line America S.A.
HKPU Hong Kong Islands Line
HKTU Hong Kong Islands Line America S.A.
HKUU Hong Kong Islands Line America S.A.
HKZZ Hong Kong Islands Line America S.A.
HLBZ Hill Brothers Transportation
HLCU Hapag-Lloyd A G
HLCX HELM Financial Corporation
HLEX Hunstman Polymers Corporation
HLGX HELM Financial Corporation
HLLX Helm Locomotive Leasing
HLMX HELM Financial Corporation
HLSC Hampton Railway Incorporated
HMAX Huntsman Corporation
HMCR Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority
HMCX HoltraChem Manufacturing Company LLC
HMFX Florida Rock Industries Incorporated
HMIX Henkels and McCoy Inc
HMJX HELM Financial Corporation
HMR Hoboken Manufacturers
HN Hutchinson and Northern Railway Company
HNPU Navale Et Commerciale Havraise Penninsulaire
HOCU Hoegh Container Lines
HOEU Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft
HOG Heart of Georgia Railroad
HOKX Occidental Chemical Corporation
HOMX PLM International Incorporated
HONX Honeymead Products Company (Division of Harvest States Cooperatives)
HOS Hoosier Southern Railroad
HOWZ Flex-Van Leasing Incorporated
HOYU Hoyer GMBH Internationale
HPAX International Paper Company
HPCX Hercules Incorporated
HPIX Besell USA Incorporated
HPJX Helm-Pacific Leasing
HPLX Exxon Mobil Corporation
HPPX Huntsman Polypropylene Corporation
HPTD High Point Thomasville and Denton Railroad
HPTU Highway Pipeline
HRCX Heritage Railcar
HRDX Silver Star Enterprises Incorporated
HREX Heavy Railroad Excavations Incorporated
HRLU Hudson Railway Equipment Company
HRLZ Hudson Railway Equipment Company
HRRC Housatonic Railroad Company
HRRX On-Track Railcar Services Incorporated
HRS Holidaysburg and Roaring Spring Railroad Company
HRSX Harbor Rail Services of California Incorporated
HRT Hartwell Railroad Company
HS H and S Railroad Company Incorporated (Hartford & Slocomb)
HSCX Steel Wheels Limited
HSFZ Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
HSIX Housing Starts Incorporated
HSLU Haulage Services Limited
HSRR Hardin Southern Railroad Incorporated
HSRZ H and S Railroad Company Incorporated
HTCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
HTMU Hansen and Tidemann Incorporated
HTSU High Tech Transport Limited
HTTX TTX Company
HTW Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington
HUBA Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
HUDX Hudson Technologies Incorporated
HUKU Huktra (UK) Limited
HUTX Hutchinson Transportation Company
HWCX Halliburton Company
HWPX Hiram Walker and Sons Incorporated
HYDX Praxair Incorporated
HYWX Georgia Power Company
HZGX Herzog Contracting Corporation

(Video) Freight Train with a gondola with New York Central reporting marks

IAIS Iowa Interstate Railroad Limited
IALU Japan Line Ltd
IANR Iowa Northern Railway
IAPX Air Liquide America Corporation
IASZ Iowa Interstate Railroad Incorporated
IATR Iowa Traction Railroad Company
IBCX Indiana Boxcar Corporation
IBNU Interpool Container Pty Limited
IBPX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
IBT International Bridge and Terminal Company
IBYU Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway Company
IC Illinois Central Railroad Company
ICCU ICCU Containers Incorporated
ICE Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad
ICEU Inter-Continental Equipment Incorporated
ICEZ GATX Capital Corporation
ICG Illinois Central Railroad Company
ICGU Illinois Central Railroad Company
ICGZ Illinois Central Railroad Company
ICHU Ingetra AG
ICIU Intermodal Containers Incorporated
ICIX ICI Americas Incorporated
ICIZ Intermodal Containers Incorporated
ICLU International Cont. Leasing
ICLX Intercoastal Leasing Incorporated
ICLZ International Chassis Leasing Incorporated
ICMU Interox America
ICMX Illinois Cereal Mills Incorporated
ICOU Japan Line Limited
ICPU Intermodal Container Pool Inc
ICPZ Intermodal Container Pool Inc
ICRK Indian Creek Railroad Company
ICRU Ingetra AG
ICRX Island Creek Corporation
ICRZ Illinois Central Railroad Company
ICSU Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
ICSZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated (Union Pacific)
IDCU Ideal Container
IDOX U.S. Dept. of Energy Idaho Operations Office
IDSZ Industrial Distribution Service Incorporated
IEAU Intermodal Equipment Associates
IELZ Iran Express Lines
IESX Allient Energy.
IFBX General Electric Rail Services
IFCX Interstate Foods Corporation
IFLU Interflow
IFSU Interlink Freight Systems
IFWZ Independent Freightway Incorporated
IHAU Ihora Chemical Industrial
IHB Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company
IHCU CSD Assignment-temporary
IHRC Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation
IHSX Western Vancouver Island Heritage Society (Alberni Pacific Railway)
IICZ Illinois Central Railroad Company
IIIU III Transportation
IIIZ III Transportation
IILU Independent Container Line
IILZ Independent Container Line
IIRZ III Transportation
IKCU Interpool
IKKU ICCU Containers Incorporated
IKSU Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
ILDX General Electric Company – Lighting Business Group
ILMU Flow Line Transport
ILSX Independent Locomotive Service
ILTU International Liquid Transport Company Bv
ILW Illinois Western Railroad
IMCX IMC Global Operations Incorporated
IMEX Indiana and Michigan Electric Company
IMMX Industrial Minera Mexico S.A.
IMRL I and M Rail Link LLC
IMRR Illinois and Midland Railroad
IMSX International Mill Service
IMSZ Intermodal Systems Incorporated
IMTX Ag Processing Incorporated
IMXZ Intermodal Express Incorporated
IN Indiana Northeastern Railroad Company
INCU Intercontinental Transport B.V. (ICT)
INCZ Intercontinental Transport B.V. (ICT)
INCZ Intercontinental Transport B.V. (ICT)
INDU Dorothea Marine Entreprise and Management
INDX Indelpro S.A. de C.V.
INFX Infineum USA Incorporated
INGX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
INKU Interpool Limited
INLX Incoal Company
INOH Indiana and Ohio Railroad Incorporated
INOX Indiana and Ohio Rail Corporation
INPR Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad
INRD Indiana Rail Road Company
INSU Intersub Services
INT Norfolk Southern Railway Company
INTU Interpool Container Pty Limited
INTZ Interpool Limited
IOCR Indiana and Ohio Central Railroad
IOCX Rail Enterprises Incorporated
IOLU Textainer Equipment Management (U.S.) Limited
IOPX MidAmerican Energy Company
IORY Indiana and Ohio Railway Company
IPCU Independent Container Line
IPCX International Paper Company
IPEX Indeck Power Equipment Company
IPLX Illinois Power Company
IPOX A and R Leasing Limited Liability Corporation (LLP)
IPPX Intermountain Power Agency (Utah)
IPSX GATX Capital Corporation
IPWX Allient Energy
IQIX Industria Quimica Del letmo S.A. de C.V.
IR Illinois RailNet Incorporated
IREX IRECO Incorporated
IRMZ III Transportation
IRRS International Rail Road Systems Incorporated
IRSZ Interpool/Rail Services Limited
ISCU I.S.C. Chemicals Ltd
ISCX ISC Incorporated
ISIZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
ISLU Islandia Limited
ISQ Indiana Southwestern Railway Company
ISR Iowa Southern Railroad Company
ISRR Indiana Southern Railroad CompanyIncorporated
ISSR ISS Rail Incorporated
ISSU Iceland SteamshipCo Limited
ITAU Italian Lines
ITAX Illinois Transit Assembly Incorporated
ITB Island Tug and Barge
ITC Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Illinois Terminal Railroad)
ITCU Intercontainer
ITCX International Technologies Corporation
ITDX SULCOM Incorporated
ITEU Compagnia Italiana Investimenti Alternativi
ITGX ITG Incorporated
ITIU International Transchem Incorporated
ITIX Intermodal Technologies Incorporated
ITKU Intertank Limited
ITLU Itel Containers International Corporation
ITLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
ITRU Itel Containers International Corporation
ITSU Iberhansaetic Transport System
ITSZ International Transportation Service Incorporated
ITTX TTX Company
ITXX Tiaxcalteca de Industrias S.A. de C.V.
IU Indianapolis Union
IVLU Ivarans Rederei A/S
IXEU Interox Quimica SA
IXWU Interox Chemicals Ltd

JACX Johnstown America Corporation
JAIX JAIX Leasing Corporation
JALX JAIX Leasing Corporation
JANX JAN Incorporated
JBHU J. B. Hunt Transport Incorporated
JBHZ J. B. Hunt Transport Incorporated
JBPX PacifiCorp Electric Operations and Idaho Power Company – Jim Bridger Project
JBRX Bakery Trading Company
JBTU Jumbotainer BV Barendecht
JCLX Mid-Am Equipment Incorporated
JCSX Heritage Operating L.P.
JDIX Jim Dobbas Incorporated
JDMX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
JDSX M and C Railcar Leasing LLC
JE Joppa and Eastern Railroad Company
JECX Western Resources Incorporated (Kans.)
JEFW Jefferson Warrior Railroad Company
JEPX PSI Energy Incorporated
JGLU Juglinija Lines
JGRU John G. Russell Transport Limited
JHMX Alabama Power Company
JHPX NOVA Chemicals (USA) Incorporated
JJJX JJ Rail Car Leasing Limited
JJRD J and J Railroad Incorporated
JKBX John Kenneth Burbridge
JKL J.K. Line Incorporated
JLAU Japan Line Limited
JLDU Japan Line Limited
JLEU Japan Line Limited
JLEZ Japan Line Limited
JLHU Japan Line Limited
JLLU Japan Line Limited
JLLX LaRoche Industries Incorporated
JLLZ Japan Line Limited
JLMU Japan Line Limited
JLPU Japan Line Limited
JLSU Japan Line Limited
JLSZ Japan Line Limited
JLTU Japan Line Limited
JMHX J.M. Huber Corporation
JMJZ J.M.J. Projects Incorporated
JNSX JNS Marketing Company Coastline Rail Service Division
JORX Jormac S.A. de C.V.
JOTU Japan Oil Transportation Company Limited
JPTU Daikin Industries
JRCX GLNX Corporation
JRSX J.R. Simplot Company
JSCU Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
JSCZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
JSRC Jackson and Southern Railroad Company
JSSU China Navigation Company Limited
JSSX Jersey Shore Steel Company
JTAX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
JTCO Jacksonville Terminal Company
JTHX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
JTMX ISG Resources Incorporated
JTSZ Jontri Transportation Company
JTTX TTX Company
JUGU Jogolinja
JVRR Juniata Valley Railroad Company
JWAX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
JWRX Alabama Power Company

KABX Canadian Resource Distribution Incorporated
KACX Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation
KAIX Rinker Materials Corporation
KAMX Kamen Incorporated
KBSR Kankakee Beaverville and Southern Railroad Company
KBSZ Kankakee Beaverville and Southern Railroad
KCCX Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation
KCDX Eastman Kodak Company
KCGX Southdown Incorporated
KCIX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
KCLX Kansas City Power and Light Company
KCPX Kemira Chemicals Canada Incorporated
KCRX Kootenay Central Rail Services Limited
KCS Kansas City Southern Railway Company
KCSU Kansas City Southern Railway Company
KCSZ Kansas City Southern Railway Company
KCTV KCT Railway Corporation
KCWX Kimberly-Clark of Canada Limited
KDCX Eastman Chemical Canada Incorporated
KDEX GLNX Corporation
KE Kansas Eastern Railroad Incorporated
KEBX Ronald L. Boothman Remainder Trust
KELX Kellogg Company
KENN Kennecott Company Railroad
KEYX Keywell Corporation
KFGX Knauf Fiber Glass GmbH
KFMX Oils Unlimited
KGCX INDSPEC Chemical Corporation
KGFX Kingsford Company
KGLX Commonwealth Edison Company
KGRX Kasgro Rail Corporation
KIIX Koppers Industries Incorporated
KJR Berkman Rail Services Incorporated (d.b.a Kiski Junction Railroad)
KJRY Keokuk Junction Railway
KKRR Knox and Kane Railroad Company
KKTU Kerr Steamship ‘K’ Line
KLCU IBJ Leasing Company Limited
KLSC Kalamazoo Lake Shore and Chicago Railway
KM Kansas and Missouri Railway and Terminal Company
KMCU Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd
KMCX Kerr-Mcgee Coal Corporation (Okla.)
KMTU Hyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
KMTZ Hyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
KMUX Kershaw Manufacturing Company
KNC Kingcome Navigation
KNDX KND Rail Services Incorporated
KNLU Nedlloyd Lines
KNOX Knox Metals Corporation
KPCX Koppers Industries Incorporated
KPCZ K and P Cartage Company
KPGX Kentucky Processing Company
KPLX Western Resources Incorporated (Kans.)
KPXX Progress Rail Services Corporation
KRIX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
KRR Kiamichi Railroad Company LLP
KSCU Korea Shipping Corporation
KSCZ Korea Shipping Corporation
KSW Kansas Southwestern Railway
KT Kentucky and Tennessee Railway Company
KTTX TTX Company
KTX ACF Industries Incorporated
KUCX Kentucky Utilities Company
KWCU World Container Leasing Incorporated
KWT K.W.T. Railway Incorporated
KWUX Siemens Power Corporation
KXHR Knoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated
KYLE Kyle Railroad Company
KYLU N.Y.K. Line
KYRX Progress Rail Services Corporation

LA Kansas City Southern Railway Company
LACX Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
LAFX Lafarge Corporation
LAHX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
LAJ Los Angeles Junction Railway
LAKX City of Lakeland (Fla.)
LAL Livonia Avon and Lakeville Railroad Corporation
LANO Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
LANU CATU Containers S.A.
LAPT Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
LARU Lanan Incorporated
LBR Lowville and Beaver River Railroad Company
LBWX Technical Propellants Incorporated
LC Lancaster and Chester Railway Company
LCCX Liquid Carbonic Corporation
LCEX Lone Star Industries Incorporated
LCGX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
LCHX LCP Transportation Incorporated
LCIX Praxair Incorporated
LCLX Ledcor Communications Limited
LCPX General American Marks Company
LCR Lake County Railroad
LCRX Lower Colorado River Authority (Texas)
LCSX Laclede Steel Company
LCWX LCP Chemicals-West Virginia Incorporated
LDAX Louisiana Agricultural Finance Authority
LDCX Louis Dreyfus Corporation
LDRR Louisiana and Delta Railroad Incorporated
LDSX Lambton Diesel Specialists Incorporated
LEF Lake Erie Franklin and Clarion Railroad Company
LEFX Greenville Leasing Company
LEN Lake Erie and Northern Railway Company
LEOX Golden Foods Incorporated
LER Logansport and Eel River Short-Line Company Incorporated
LERX PSI Energy Incorporated
LEVX Level Energy Incorporated
LEWU Norman Lewis Tankers B.V.
LFCD Linea Coahuila Durango S.A. de C.V.
LFFZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
LGEU CATU Containers S.A.
LGEX L.G. Everist Incorporated
LGNZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
LGSX Mid-American Energy Company
LGTU Liquid and Gas Transport Incorporated
LGTX Logistechs Incorporated
LHFX Lehigh Heavy Forge Corporation
LHR Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Lehigh & Hudson River)
LHRR Longhorn Railroad
LHTX Larsen Farms
LI Long Island Rail Road Company
LIBU Lib Leasing
LINC Lewis and Clark Railway Company
LIRC Louisville and Indiana Railroad Company
LITX Lite Industries Incorporated
LJIX Brown Trailer Incorporated
LKRR Little Kanawha River Rail Incorporated
LKWR Lackland Western Railroad Company
LLCX LLCX Incorporated
LLIX Services Unlimited
LLLX Louisiana Leasing Limited Of Illinois
LLPX Locomotive Leasing Partners LLC
LM Union Pacific Railroad Company (Litchfield & Madison)
LMCU World Container Leasing Incorporated
LMIC Lake Michigan and Indiana Railroad Company
LMIX LORAM Maintenance of Way Incorporated
LMSX Locomotive Manaagement Services
LMTX Chartrand’s Tank Car Service Incorporated
LMWX MHC Incorporated Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Conagra Incorporated
LN CSX Transportation Incorporated
LNAC H and S Railroad Company
LNAL Louisville New Albany and Corydon Railroad
LNTX IES Utilities Incorporated
LNW Louisiana and North West Railroad Company
LNWX Locomotives Northwest Limited
LOGU Societe-Logemafer
LOGX Linden Leasing Incorporated
LORU Renzlor Securities Corporation
LOSX Locomotive Specialists Incorporated
LOVX American Colloid Company
LOWU Management Control and Maintenance S.A.
LPIU Leasing Partners Int. B.V.
LPN Longview Portland and Northern Railway Company
LPRU Losinjska Plovidba Mali Losing
LRAX Latinoamerican Railroad Association Incorporated
LRCX Livingston Rebuild Center Incorporated
LRDX Mid-American Energy Company
LRIX Lake Superior Eastern Rail Industries
LRLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
LRMX Logistics Resource Management
LRPA Little Rock Port Railroad
LRS Laurinburg and Southern Railroad Co
LRWN Little Rock and Western Railway LP
LRWY Lackawanna Railway Incorporated
LS Luzerne and Susquehanna Railway Company
LSBZ Chicago Rail Link
LSCX D-H Investors (Relam Auditing Services)
LSEU One Way Lease Incorporated
LSFZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
LSI Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad Company
LSIU L.S. Intertank
LSIX Liquid Sugars Incorporated
LSMX Progress Rail Services Corporation
LSRC Lake State Railway Company
LSRR Lone Star Railroad Incorporated
LT Lake Terminal Railroad Company
LTCO Lakeside Transportation LLC
LTCR Leelanau Transit Company
LTCX Praxair Incorporated
LTEX L.H.A.G.S. Incorporated (Larrys Truck and Electric Service)
LTIU Lloyd Triestine Di Navigazione S.P.A.
LTLZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
LTTX TTX Company
LTVX LTV Steel Company
LUBX Luria Bros. A Division of Connell Limited Partnership
LUCX Services Unlimited
LUN Ludington and Northern Railway
LUNX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
LUX Tosco Corporation
LV Consolidated Rail Corporation
LVAL Lackawanna Valley Railroad Corporation
LVRC Lamoille Valley Railroad Company
LVRR Lycoming Valley Railroad Company
LW Louisville and Wadley Railway Company
LWAX Laidlaw Environmental Services
LXOH Lexington and Ohio Railroad Company
LXVR Luxapalila Valley Railroad Incorporated
LYKU Lykes Brothers Steamship CompanyIncorporated
LYKZ Lykes Brothers Steamship CompanyIncorporated
LYNX Round Butte Products

MAA Magma Arizona Railroad Company
MACX Mac Acquisitions. L.P.
MADU Magnum Speditionsgelleshaft GMBH
MAEU Maersk Line
MAJU Malaysian International Shipping Corporation
MALX Mid-America Locomotive and Car Repair Incorporated
MALZ American President Lines Incorporated
MANX Williams Energy Ventures Incorporated
MAPX Williams Energy Ventures Incorporated
MARX MidAmerican Energy Corporation
MATU Matson Navigation Company
MATZ Matson Navigation Company
MAW Maumee and Western Railroad Corporation
MAXU Maxu Containers Limited
MAXX MidAmerican Energy Company
MAYW Maywood and Sugar Creek
MB M and B Railroad LLC
MBCX M.B.C.X. Leasing LLC
MBIX Morse Bros. Incorporated
MBKX MRC Rail Services LLC
MBLX Mobil Oil Corporation
MBPX MacMillan-Bloedell Incorporated
MBSX Mid-South Bulk Services Incorporated
MC Maine Coast Railroad Corporation
MCCX Mt. Vernon Coal Transfer Company (Ind.)
MCDX Sunbelt Cement Incorporated
MCER Massachusetts Central
MCEU Massachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
MCEZ Massachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
MCHX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
MCIX SSI Mobley Company Incorporated (M of W)
MCLR McLaughlin Line Railroad
MCMU Management Control and Maintenance S.A.
MCPX Solutia Incorporated
MCR McCloud Railway Company
MCRR Monongahela Connecting RR Company
MCRX Marcus Rail Transport LLC
MCSA Moscow Camden and San Augustine Railroad
MCSU China Ocean Shipping Company
MCTA Minnesota Central Railroad Company
MCTX Modern Continental Construction
MCVX Massuchusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters Assoc.
MDCX Mexicana De Cobre S.A. De C.V.
MDDE Maryland and Delaware Railroad
MDDX Old Line Holdings Company Incorporated
MDIX Modern Dispersions Incorporated
MDKX Mandak Metal Processors Division of Gardau MRM Steel Incorporated
MDLR Midland Terminal Company
MDR Kansas City Southern Railway Company (MidSouth)
MDSZ Medspan Shipping Service Incorporated
MDTX Southern Region Industrial Realty Incorporated
MDW Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
MDWU Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
MDWZ Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
ME Morristown and Erie Railway Incorporated
MEC Maine Central Railroad Company (Guilford Rail System)
MECX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
MELX Sunbelt Cement Incorporated
MEPX McGraw-Edison Company
MERX Merco A Joint Venture
MESX Mears/CPG Incorporated
MET Modesto and Empire Traction Company
METW Municipality of East Troy Wisc.
METX Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation
MFCX First Union Rail
MFFX M4 Holdings Limited
MGA Norfolk Southern Railway Company
MGGU Marcevaggi S.P.A.
MGMX J and J Partnership
MGRI MG Rail Incorporated
MGSX Martin Gas Sales Incorporated
MH Mt. Hood Railroad Company
MHAX US Dept of Interior-Bureau of Mines Helium Field Operations
MHFX MHF Logistical Solutions Incorporated
MHQU Military Sealift Command HQ Washington DC
MHQZ Military Sealift Command
MHRX Mile-High Railcar Services Incorporated
MHWA Mohawk Adirondack and Northern Railroad Corporation
MI Union Pacific Railroad Company
MIDH Middletown and Hummelstown RR Company
MIDX MRC Rail Services LLP
MIEU MI Engineering Ltd
MILW Soo Line Railroad Company (Milwaukee Road)
MILX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
MILZ Soo Line Railroad Company
MIMX Minera Mexico Internacional Incorporated
MINU China Ocean Shipping Company
MIPX Millenium Petrochemicals Incorporated
MIRX Regional Recycling LLC
MIS Mississippi Central Railroad Corporation
MISS Mississippian Railway Cooperative Incorporated
MISU Malaysian International Shipping Corporation
MISX Milwaukee Solvents and Chemicals Corporation
MJ Manufacturers’ Junction Railway Company
MJVU Merco A Joint Venture
MKC McKeesport Connecting Railroad Company
MKCX Morrison Knudsen Corporation
MKIX Morrison Knudsen Corporation
MKT Union Pacific Railroad Company (Missouri, Kansas & Texas)
MKTT Union Pacific Railroad Company
MKTZ Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
MLCU N.Y.K. Line
MLCX American Refrigerator Transit Company
MLEX Miles Incorporated
MLLX Montell USA Incorporated
MLSX Monsanto Company
MLUX Solutia Incorporated
MMAX Martin Marietta Corporation
MMBX Master Builders Incorporated
MMCU CIE Des Messageries Maritimes
MMCX TransMatrix Incorporated
MMID Maryland Midland Railway Incorporated
MMMU Fesco Pacific Lines
MMMX Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (d/b/a 3M)
MMRR Mid-Michigan Railroad Incorporated
MMRX Double M Ranch Enterprises
MMXZ Murphy Motor Express Inc
MNA Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad Company
MNAX C and S Directional Boring Incorporated
MNBR M and B Railroad LLC
MNCW Metro-North Commuter Railroad
MNCX Minnesota Corn Processors Incorporated
MNJ Middletown and New Jersey Railway Company Incorporated
MNLU Malaysian International Shipping Corporation
MNLX Mobil Oil Corporation
MNN Minnesota Northern Railroad Incorporated
MNNR Minnesota Commercial Railway Company
MNPX Morton International Incorporated
MNS Soo Line Railroad Company (Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern)
MNWX Minnesota Dept. of Public Service Weights and Measures Division
MOBX Mobil Oil Corporation
MOC Missouri Central Railroad Company
MOFX Maxton Oil and Fertilizer Company
MOGX C.W. Brooks Incorporated
MOHX Solutia Incorporated
MOLU Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MOLX Internation Molasses Corporation Limited
MON CSX Transportation Incorporated (Monon)
MONX Solutia Incorporated
MORZ Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MOSX Mosinee Paper Corporation
MOSZ Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MOT Marine Oil Transportation
MOTC Montreal Tramways
MOTU Monsanto
MOTX Museum of Transportation
MOTZ Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MP Union Pacific Railroad Company (Missouri Pacific)
MPA Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad
MPCX Michels Pipeline Construction Incorporated
MPEX Motivepower Industries Incorporated
MPIT Union Pacific Railroad Company (Missouri Pacific)
MPIX Motive Power Incorporated
MPLZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
MPSX Missouri Public Service
MPTX Procor Limited
MPU Missouri Pacific Railroad
MPWX Muscatine Power and Water
MPZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
MR McCloud Railway Company
MRCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
MRDX MidAmerican Energy Company
MREX Monad Railway Equipment Company
MRL Montana RailLink Incorporated
MRR Carolina Southern Railroad Company
MRS Manufacturers Railway Company
MRSX Mile-High Railcar Services Incorporated
MS Michigan Shore Railroad Incorporated
MSAZ National Motor Freight Traffic Assn
MSCI Mississippi Central Railroad Company
MSCU Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.
MSCZ Mediterranean Shipping Company
MSDR Mississippi Delta Railroad
MSE Mississippi Export Railroad Company
MSIX Morton International Incorporated
MSO Michigan Southern Railroad Incorporated
MSPX P4 Productions LLC
MSQU Military Sealift Command Bayonne NJ
MSRC Kansas City Southern Railway Company (MidSouth Rail Corp.)
MSRW Mississippian Railway Cooperative Incorporated
MSTL Union Pacific Railroad Company (Minneapolis & St. Louis)
MSTR Massena Terminal Railroad Company
MSUU USPCI Incorporated
MSV Mississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad Company
MT Mississippi and Tennessee RailNet Incorporated
MTAX MTAX Corporation
MTCO Macon Terminal Company
MTCX Mallard Transportation Company
MTCZ Mayflower Transit and Storage
MTIU Welfit Oddy (PTY) Limited
MTIZ American Marine Industries
MTLU Montgomery Tank Lines
MTMU March Ltd
MTNX Rocky Mountain Transportation Services
MTPX Montana Power Company
MTR Youngstown and Southern Railway Company
MTRX TransMatrix Incorporated
MTSU Marine Transport Service Inc
MTTX TTX Company
MTZ Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
MUSC Memphis Union Station Company
MVRY Mahoning Valley Railway Company
MVT Mt. Vernon Terminal
MWAX Martin Marietta Materials Incorporated
MWCL Midwest Coal Handling Incorporated
MWCX Midwest Railcar Corporation
MWHX Markwest Hydrocarbon Partners Limited
MWLX Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) Company
MWLZ Madrigal-Wan Hai Lines Corporation
MWMX Golden Leasing
MWRC Mount Washington Railway Company
MWRL Hillvista Investment Company d/b/a Molalla Western Railway
MWRR Montana Western Railway Company Incorporated
MWRX Midwest Rail Holdings Incorporated
MWSX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
MXLU Mexican Line
MZIZ Marko B Zanovich

NABU Ecst Container Services and Trading GMBH.
NACR Nashville and Ashland City Railroad
NACX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NADU North American Domestic Container Corporation
NADX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NADZ North American Domestic Container Corporation
NAFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NAHX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NALU Norwegian American Lines
NALZ Neptune Orient Lines Limited
NAMX NAMX Leasing Company
NAP Narragansett Pier Railroad Company
NAPX North American Plastics Incorporated
NAR Canadian National Railway
NARX NORCHEM Incorporated
NATX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NATZ North American Transportation
NAUG Naugatuck Railroad Company
NAVE Navajo Express Incorporated
NBEC New Brunswick East Coast Railway Company Incorporated
NBER Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad Company
NBIX Bombardier Capital Rail Incorporated
NBNR Nicolet Badger Northern Railroad
NBSR New Brunswick Southern Railway Company Limited
NC CSX Transportation Incorporated
NCAU Colonial/Atl (Bermuda) Limited
NCAZ NCA Leasing Company/Division G.H. Leasing Corporation
NCBU Northbrook Container Leasing
NCDU Burlington Northern
NCEU XTRA Intermodal
NCFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NCGU Genstar Corporation
NCHX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NCIU North American Container System (TRAC Lease Incorporated)
NCIX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
NCLU China Ocean Shipping Company
NCLX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
NCPR North Carolina Ports Railway Commission
NCQU TIP Intermodal Services
NCRC Nebraska Central Railroad Company
NCRU North American Container System (Transamerica Leasing)
NCRX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NCRY Northern Central Railway
NCSX NOVA Chemicals (USA) Incorporated
NCTU Northbrook Container Leasing
NCTX PLM International Incorporated
NCUU TIP Intermodal Services
NCUX Newcourt Capital USA Incorporated
NCVA North Carolina and Virginia Railroad
NCWX Northwest Container Services Incorporated
NCYR Nash County Railroad Corporation
NDCR N.D.C. Railroad Company
NDM Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
NDMZ National Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales)
NDYX First Union Rail
NEAX Nemic Leasing Corporation
NECR New England Central Railroad Incorporated
NECX Mid-Am Equipment Incorporated
NEFX Northeast Corridor Foundation
NEGS New England Southern Railroad Company
NEKM Northeast Kansas and Missouri Division Mid-Michigan Railroad Incorporated
NELU New England Express Lines
NEMX Ogden Martin Systems of Montgomery
NENE Nebraska Northeastern Railway Company
NEPU Neptune Orient Lines Limited
NERR Nashville and Eastern Railroad
NERX Transportation Management Services Incorporated
NERZ General Electric Capital Corporation
NESX Nestle Brands FoodService Company Division of Nestle Food Company
NETU Netumar Lines
NETX Nemic Leasing Corporation
NFPX Newaygo Forest Products Limited
NGOU Scoa Incorporated
NGTX Suburban Propane L.P.
NHCR New Hampshire Central Railroad
NHN New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation
NHRR New Hope and Ivyland Rail Road
NHVT New Hampshire and Vermont Railroad Company
NICD Northern-Indiana Commuter Transportation District
NICU NIC Leasing Incorporated
NIFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NIHX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NIKX N.I.K. Non-stock Marketing Cooperative
NIRX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NJ Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
NJTR NJ Transit Rail Operations
NKCR Nebraska Kansas and Colorado RailNet Incorporated
NKP Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Nickel Plate)
NLAX National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NLG Kansas City Southern Railway Company (North Louisiana & Gulf)
NLLX Northern Line Layers Incorporated
NLPX Perkins Motor Transport Incorporated
NLSU Nautilus Leasing Services Incorporated
NLSX National Starch and Chemical Company
NLSZ Trans Ocean Chassis Corporation
NLTX National Starch and Chemical Company d/b/a Speciality Synthetic Polymers Division
NMCX National Machinery Company
NMLX National Metal Corporation Limited
NMMX National Machinery Company – Michigan
NN Northern Nevada Railroad Corporation
NNIU Nautica Line
NNPU Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
NNSX Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
NOFU Nodfos
NOKL Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad Co
NOKZ First Union Rail
NOLR New Orleans Lower Coast Railroad Incorporated
NOLU Neptune Orient Lines Limited
NOLZ Neptune Orient Lines Limited
NOPB New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
NORX Northern Indiana Public Service Company
NOSU Neptune Orient Lines Limited
NOT New Orleans Terminal
NOW Northern Ohio and Western Railway Limited
NP Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Northern Pacific)
NPB Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad Company
NPCX Equistar Chemicals LP
NPIX Chem-Nuclear Systems LLC
NPPX Nebraska Public Power District
NPR Northern Plains Railroad Incorporated
NPRX Yakima Interurban Lines Assn.
NPSU Nigel Parks Limited
NPT Portland Terminal R.R. Company (Oregon)
NPTU Neptune Leasing Incorporated
NPTX Newport Steel Corporation
NRBX Fruit Growers Express Company
NRCU Nedlloyd Road Cargo B.V.
NRCX Northern Rail Car Corporation
NRDX Nordic Warehouse Incorporated
NREX National Railway Equipment Company
NRHX National Railway Historical Society
NRI Nebkota Railway Incorporated
NRIX National Refrigerants Incorporated
NRLX Bombardier Capital Rail Incorporated
NRPX Northrop Corporation
NRR Nobles Rock Railroad
NRSU Nippon Riku-un Sangyo Company
NS Norfolk Southern Railway Company
NSAX National Steel Corporation
NSCU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
NSCX National Steel Car Limited
NSFZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
NSHR North Shore Railroad Company
NSL St. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad
NSLU Norasia Serviceslway Company
NSLZ Nestle Transportation Company
NSPX Northern States Power Company (Minn.)
NSPZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
NSR Newburgh and South Shore Railroad Company
NSSX National Salvage and Service Corporation
NSTX North Star Steel Company
NSXZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
NSZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
NTIU Germanischer Lloyd
NTKX VAE Nortrak North America Incorporated
NTLX Nashtex Leasing Incorporated
NTNU National Container Network Incorporated
NTR Mississippi Central Railroad Company
NTRY Nimishillen and Tuscarawas Railway Company
NTSX Northeast Transportation Service
NTTX TTX Company
NUCX Nucor Steel Crawfordsville – Division of Nucor Corporation
NUSU Neptune Orient Lines Limited
NVCX Nevada Cement Company
NVPX Nevada Power Company
NVR Northern Vermont Railroad
NVRR NAPA Valley Railroad Company
NW Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Norfolk & Western)
NWAX National Wax Company
NWCX Northwest Container Services Incorporated
NWGX Gorham’s Incorporated
NWP Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company
NWTX North West Timber Limited
NWTZ NW Transport
NWX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
NWZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
NXLZ National Xpress Logistics Incorporated
NYA New York and Atlantic Railway Company
NYAU N.Y.K. Line
NYBU N.Y.K. Line
NYC CSX Transportation Incorporated (New York Central)
NYCH New York Cross Harbor Railroad Terminal Corporation
NYCX New York Central Lines LLC
NYGL New York and Greenwood Lake Railway
NYKU N.Y.K. Line
NYKZ N.Y.K. Line
NYLE New York and Lake Erie Railroad Company
NYLU Japan Line Limited
NYOG New York and Ogdensburg Railway Company Incorporated
NYSW New York Susquehanna and Western Railway Corporation
NZCU Shipping Corporation Of New Zealand Ltd
NZSU Shipping Corporation Of New Zealand Ltd

(Video) Train full of interesting reporting marks and 2 new cars

OAR Old Augusta Railroad Company
OCCU ATS Container Leasing S.A.
OCCX Occidental Chemical Corporation
OCFX Owens Corning Fiberglass
OCLU Overseas Containers Limited
OCNU Ocean Lines Incorporated
OCPX Oxy Vinyls LP
OCR Oklahoma Central Railroad Company
OCSU Scripps Institute of Oceanography
OCTL Oil Creek and Titusville Lines
OCTR Octoraro Railway Incorporated
OCTX Octel America Incorporated
ODTX Oil-Dri Corporation of America
OFSX Tucson Electric Power Company
OGEE Ogeechee Railway Company
OGEX Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company
OGSX IES Utilities Incorporated
OHCR Ohio Central Railroad Incorporated
OHFX Fluor Daniel Fernald
OHIC Ohi-Rail Corporation
OHKU Ohka American Incorporated USA
OHOX US Department of Energy Ohio Field
OHPA Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company
OHRY Owego and Harford Railway Incorporated
OJGX Oscar J. Glover
OKAN Okanagan Valley Railway Company
OKCX Lone Star Industries Incorporated
OKKT Union Pacific Railway Company
OLAU Occidental Chemical Corporation Echem and Speciality Products
OLB Omaha Lincoln and Beatrice Railway Company
OLDX Old Line Holding Company Incorporated
OLLU Ocean Leasing Limited
OLNX Olin Corporation
OLO Ontario L’Orignal Railway Incorporated
OLYR Olympic Railroad Company
OLYU Olympic Container Corporation
OLYZ Showa Line Limited
OMAX Omaha Public Power District
OMID Ontario Midland Railroad Corporation
OMLX OmniTRAX Leasing Limited
ONCT Ontario Central Railroad Corporation
ONSX Oglebay Norton Industrial Sands Incorporated
ONT Ontario Northland Railway
ONTA Ontario Northland Railway
ONTX On-Track Railcar Services Incorporated
OOCZ Orient Overseas Line Incorporated
OOLU Orient Overseas Container Line Incorporated
OOOX Osborne Incorporated
OOUU Orient Overseas Line Incorporated
OPE Oregon Pacific and Eastern Railway Company
OPIX Equistar Chemicals LP
OPPX Omaha Public Power District
OPR Oregon Pacific Railroad Company
OPSX Public Service Company of Oklahoma
OPT Orange Port Terminal Railway
OPX Ohio Power Company
ORA Ormet Railroad Corporation
ORCU BSL Transport
OREX Oregon Department of Agriculture
OROX U.S. Dept. of Energy Oak Ridge Operations
ORR Osage Railroad
OSCZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
OSRR Ohio Southern Railroad Incorporated
OSRX Ontario Southland Railway Incorporated
OSSU Eurovos B.V.
OTCO Owensville Terminal Company
OTDX Greenbrier Leasing Corporation
OTR Oakland Terminal Railway
OTRX On-Track Railway Services Limited
OTT Ottumwa Terminal Railroad Company
OTTX TTX Company
OTVR Otter Tail Valley Railroad Company
OUCH Ouachita Railroad
OUCX Orlando Utilities Commission (Fla.)
OURD Ogden Union Railway and Depot Company
OVEX Ohio Valley Electric Company
OVNZ Overnite Transportation Company
OWLU Ocean World Lines Incorporated
OWSX Oil Well Supply Co (1980) Limited
OXYU Eurotainer U.S. Inc

PACX Plasser American Corporation
PAE Norfolk Southern Railway Company
PAIX Poly-America Inc
PAL Paducah and Louisville Railroad
PAM Pittsburgh Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad Company
PAPX Pennsylvania Pullmans Incorporated
PARX Pan American Railway Company
PASX Pacer International Incorporated dba Pacer Stacktrain
PATZ Pacer Stacktrain
PBFX IBP Incorporated
PBL Philadelphia Belt Line Railroad Company
PBLU Containers and Pressure Vessels Ltd
PBLX MHC Incorporated Wholly Owned Sub. of Con Agra Incorporated
PBNE Philadelphia Bethlehem and New England Railroad Company
PBR Patapsco and Back Rivers Railroad
PBRR Pine Belt Southern Railroad Company
PBSZ CSX Intermodal Incorporated
PBVR Port Bienville Railroad
PC Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Penn Central)
PCAX Pioneer Chlor Alkali Company Incorporated
PCC Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad Incorporated
PCCX Peabody Coal Company (Captive Service)
PCHX Poole Chemical Incorporated
PCIX ACF Industries Incorporated
PCJU Puma Containers (Jersey) Limited
PCLU Maritime Container Lines Limited
PCN Point Comfort and Northern Railway
PCRX Pacer Rail Services L.L.C
PCSX PLM International Incorporated
PCTX Pioneer Cement Company of Texas
PCY Pittsburgh Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railway Company
PDIZ Produce Distributors Incorporated
PDQX Castle Capital Corporation
PDRR Pee Dee River Railroad Corporation
PE Consolidated Rail Corporation
PECX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
PELX Premier Equipment Leasing Company
PELZ Premier Equipment Leasing Incorporated
PENX Penford Products Company
PEPX Potomac Electric Power Company
PERU Maxu Containers Limited
PF Pioneer and Fayette Railroad Company
PFMX Perdue Transportation Incorporated
PFRX Parks Propane and Appliance Incorporated
PGCX Peoples Gas System Incorporated
PGDX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
PGE BC Rail Limited
PGEX Portland General Electric Company
PGHX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
PGLZ Prudential Grace Lines
PGRV Pigeon River Railroad Company
PGRX AmeriGas Propane L.P.
PGTX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
PHD Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Company
PHL Pacific Harbour Line Incorporated
PHRU Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation
PI Paducah and Illinois Railroad
PICK Pickens Railway Company
PICU Pickfords Removals Ltd
PIFX Pifer Tank Car Company
PIGZ Tranfax-Division of Fresh Intermodal Transport Incorporated
PIR Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad Incorporated
PJR Port Jersey
PJRL Penn Jersey Rail Lines Incorporated
PKHP Pickens Railway Co-Honea Path Division
PLCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
PLE Youngstown and Southern Railway Company
PLEX PLM International Incorporated
PLIX Polymont Plastics Corporation
PLIZ P and L Intermodal Corporation
PLLU Polynesia Line Limited
PLLZ Polynesia Line Limited
PLMX PLM International Incorporated
PLNZ Penske Logistics
PLRU Pic Leasing Corporation
PLRX PIC Trans Incorporated
PLUX Pulser Equipment Corporation
PLW PL and W Railroad Incorporated
PLWX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
PMAX PMA Transportation Corporation
PMGX Pacific Metal Limited
PMIX Pittman Moore Incorporated
PMLX Prairie Malt Limited
PMOX Phillip Morris Incorporated
PNHX GATX Capital Corporation
PNR Panhandle Northern Railroad Company
PNS Philadelphia and Norfolk Steamship
PNSX Chem-Nuclear Systems LLC
PNTX Great Lakes Chemical Corporation Speciality Chemicals
PNW Prescott and Northwestern Railroad
PNWR Portland and Western Railroad Incorporated
PNWU Pacific Northwest Equipment Incorporated
POAK Port of Oakland Railway
POLU Polish Ocean LinesGyndia American Lines
POLZ Polish Ocean Lines
POTB Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad
POTX General American Marks
POV Pittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway
POVA Pend Oreille Valley Railroad
POWX Power Silicates Incorporated
PPAX PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
PPCX American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners
PPGX PPG Industries Incorporated
PPHX PCS Phosphate Company
PPLX Pennsylvania Power and Light Company
PPNX PCS Phosphate Company
PPSX Pioneer Pipe and Supply Company Incorporated
PPTX PCS Phosphate Company
PPU Peoria and Pekin Union Railway Company
PPU Peoria and Pekin Union Railway Company
PQX PQ Corporation
PRAX First Union Rail
PRBX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
PRCX Prairie Coal Limited
PRDX Pacific Rail Dismantling Services Incorporated
PREU Prime Incorporated
PREX Pioneer Railroad Equipment Company
PREZ Prime Incorporated
PRGX Cargill Incorporated
PRI Port Railroads Incorporated
PRL Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
PRLX Private Rail Limited
PRMU Puerto Rican Maritime Shipping Authority
PRMZ Puerto Rican Maritime Shipping Authority
PROX Procor Limited
PRR Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Pennsylvania Railroad)
PRSL Pennsylvania Lines LLC
PRSX Progress Rail Services Corporation
PRT Parr Terminal Railroad
PRTD Portland Traction Company
PRV Pearl River Valley Railroad Company
PRY Pioneer Industrial Railway Company
PRYL Port Royal Railroad
PS Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad Company
PSAP Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad Company
PSAZ Pacific Northwest Perishable ShippersAssoc.
PSBU Contship
PSCX Public Service Company of Colorado
PSFL Puget Sound Freight Lines
PSFZ Flexi-Van Leasing
PSIX PSI Energy Incorporated (Ind.)
PSLL Plymouth Short Line Limited
PSNU Pacific Steam Navigation Company
PSOX Puget Sound Power and Light Company
PSPX Phillips Petroleum Company
PSR Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad Incorporated
PSTX David J. Joseph Company
PT Peninsula Terminal Company
PTC Plainview Terminal Company
PTDX ABB Power T and D Company Incorporated
PTEX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
PTIZ Parkway Transport Incorporated
PTLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
PTM ST Rail System
PTOX PTO Incorporated
PTR Port Terminal Railroad of South Carolina
PTRC Portland Terminal Railroad Company (Oregon)
PTRR Port Townsend Railroad Incorporated
PTRU South American Petrolite De Venezuela
PTRX Petrolite Corporation
PTRX Petrolite Corporation
PTSX Petrosol International Incorporated
PTTX TTX Company
PTXX PTS Incorporated
PUBX Publicker Industries Incorporated
PUCC Port Utilities Commission of Charleston South Carolina
PVCX BHP Cooper Incorporated
PVFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
PVGX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
PVRR Pioneer Valley Railroad Company Incorporated
PVRX Pook Valley Rail System
PVS Pecos Valley Southern Railway Company
PW Providence and Worcester Railroad
PWCX Inland Cement Limited
PWRX Pacific Western Resin Company
PWRZ Providence and Worcester Railroad Company
PWV Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Pittsburgh & West Virginia)
PXCU Phoenix Container Liners Limited
PXCZ Phoenix Container Liners Limited

QBT Quincy Bay Terminal Company
QC Canadian Pacific Railway (Quebec Central)
QCCX Equistar Chemicals LP
QFFX Quimica Fluor S.A. de C.V.
QGRY Quebec Gatineau Railway Incorporated
QOCX Quaker Oats Company
QOHX Quaker Oats Company
QOPX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
QOTX Great Lakes Chemical Corporation Speciality Chemicals
QPCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
QRC Quebec Railway Corporation Incorporated
QRR Quincy Railroad Company
QRSX Quality Railway Services and Supply Company
QSMX Quaker State Corporation
QSR Quebec Southern Railway
QTTX TTX Company

RACX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
RAHX Rohm and Haas Company
RAIX Union Carbide Corporation
RAPX Rapco Transportation Company
RARW Rarus Railway Company
RASX C.A. Rasmussen
RAWX Platte River Power Authority
RAX RPI-AAR Cooperative Test Program
RBBX Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey
RBCU Railbridge Corporation
RBCX Rail-Bridge Corporation
RBLX Brent C. Lewis
RBMN Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company
RBOX Railbox Company
RCIZ Radich Construction Company
RCMX Services Unlimited
RCOX Arco Products Company Division of Atlantic Richfield Company
RCPX Railcar Limited
RCRR Red Coat Road and Rail Limited
RCRX Reagent Chemical and Research Incorporated
RCSZ Rail Container Services Incorporated
RCWZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
RDCX Regional Disposal Company
RDG Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Reading)
RDIX Rapid Industrial Plastics Company
RDMZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
RDSZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
RDWZ Roadway Express Incorporated
REAU Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
REAZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
RECX Central Louisiana Electric Company
REDX Miron/USA Limited
REDZ REDON Incorporated
RELX Relco Tank Line Incorporated
RESX Rescar Incorporated
RFMX Caldwell-Baker Company
RFP CSX Transportation Incorporated (Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac)
RFPU CSX Transportation Incorporated
RFPZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
RFRX Rick Franklin Corporation
RGCX Rio Grande Chemical Sales Company
RGEX Royal Gorge Industries LLC
RGIX Republic Gas and Utilities Corporation
RGRX Rio Grande Railcar Company Incorporated
RGTU Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company
RGTX Residco
RGTZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
RGWZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
RHRX Rahr Malting Company
RICU Rinnen GMBH and CO KG Internationale Spedition
RICX Rockwell International Corporation
RIIX Reilly Industries Incorporated
RILX Garvey International Incorporated Garvey Grain Division
RIMX Ready Mixed Concrete Company
RJCL R.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Cleveland line
RJCM R.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Memphis Line
RJCN R.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Allentown Lines Incorporated
RJCP R.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Pennsylvania Lines Incorporated
RJCR R.J. Corman Railroad Corporation
RJCW R.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Western Ohio Line
RJRX ACF Industries Incorporated
RKCX Knox Kershaw Incorporated
RKTZ Transamerica Leasing
RL Rutland Line Incorporated
RLGN RailAmerica Mackenzie Northern Railway
RLHH RailAmerica Southern Ontario Railway
RLIX Rail Link Incorporated
RLK RailAmerica Ottawa Valley Railway
RLMX David J. Joseph Company
RLTX Randolph L. Johnston
RMCU RMC (Trancoleasing) Limited
RMCX Reynolds Metals Company
RMDX American Refrigerator Transit Company
RMGX Railcar Limited
RMIU Mi Environmental Services
RMIX Ready Mix Concrete Company
RMLU Royal Mail Lines Limited
RMMX Railcar Limited
RMPX Railcar Limited
RMPZ Transamerica Leasing
RMRR Rocky Mountain Railcar and Railroad Incorporated
RMSX Pandrol Jackson Incorporated
RNDX ACF Industries Incorporated Amcar Division
ROBZ Robco Transportation Incorporated
ROCX Rocky Mountain Transportation Services
ROEZ Roehl Transport Incorporated
ROIX Shintech Incorporated
ROLU Ro-Lo Pacific Line
ROPX Rail Operators Incorporated
ROYU Royal Netherlands
RPBX Rhodia Incorporated
RPIX Rhone-Poulenc Incorporated
RPMZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
RRBX Rampart Range Corporation
RRCI Redmont Railway Company Incorporated
RRCO Rochelle Railroad Company
RRCX Radar Railcar Incorporated
RREX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
RRIU Triton Containers
RRIX Rader Railcar II Incorporated
RRRR Rock and Rail Incorporated
RRRX Rex Leasing Incorporated
RRVW Red River Valley and Western Railroad
RS Roberval and Saguenay Railway Company
RSB Rochester Subway
RSFZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
RSIZ Rail Services Incorporated
RSM Railroad Switching Service of Missouri Incorporated
RSNR Red Springs and Northern Railroad
RSP Roscoe Snyder and Pacific Railway
RSPZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated (Union Pacific)
RSR Rochester and Southern Railroad
RSRU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
RSRZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
RSS Rockdale Sandow and Southern Railroad Company
RSUX Riley Stoker Corporation
RSWZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
RSYX Refined Sugars Incorporated
RT River Terminal Railway Company
RTCX Union Tank Car Company
RTCZ Rocor Freight Services
RTEX Rail Trusts Equipment Incorporated
RTIX RTI – Railroad Services
RTLX Relco Tank Line Incorporated
RTMX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
RTMZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
RTPX Wheelabrator Coal Services Company
RTRU Road Trailer Rentals Incorporated
RTRX Rocky Mountain Transportation Services
RTRZ Road Trailer Rentals Limited
RTSX Rail Transportation Services Incorporated
RTTX TTX Company
RTTZ Union Pacific Railroad Co
RUDX Ruddy Tank Car Company
RUSX First Union Rail
RUT Vermont Railway Incorporated
RVLZ Transamerica Leasing
RVSC Rio Valley Switching Company
RWCX RWC Incorporated
RWSX Scherer Electric Generating Facility (Ala.)
RWTX Railwest US Incorporated
RXXZ Transamerica Leasing
RYCU De Rycke Vloeitransport B.V.

SA Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Savannah & Atlanta)
SAFX Safety-Kleen Corporation
SAL CSX Transportation Incorporated (Seaboard Air Line)
SALX General American Markss Company
SAMU South African Marine Corporation
SAMX Cargill Incorporated
SAN Sandersville Railroad Company
SANU Samband Islenzkra Samvinnufelag
SANX San Angelo Tank Car Line
SAPT Savannah Port Terminal Railroad Incorporated
SATX City Public Service Board of San Antonio Texas
SAUX Sauvage Gas Company
SAVX Savannah Electric and Power Company
SAW South Plains Switching Limited
SAWU Swedish Atlantic-Wilshelsen Line
SAWX Sawyer Gas of Jacksonville Incorporated
SAZX Saz Transportation Corporation
SB South Buffalo Railway Company
SBC Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
SBD CSX Transportation Incorporated (Seaboard System)
SBDZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
SBGU Marine Transportation Svcs. Sea-Barge Group
SBK South Brooklyn Railway Company
SBKU Shinko Pantec Company Incorporated
SBLN Sterling Belt Line Railway
SBLX Sunbelt/Chlor/Alkali Partnership
SBRR Stourbridge Railroad Company
SBVR South Branch Valley Rail Road
SCBG Santa Cruz Big Trees and Pacific Railway Company
SCBX Standbridge Color Corporation
SCEX Southern California Edison Company
SCFE South Central Florida Express Incorporated
SCGX Eades Commodities Company
SCHX Rhodia Incorporated
SCIU Sea Containers Incorporated
SCIX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
SCJX Chevron Chemical Corporation
SCKX Northern Coal Transportation Company
SCL CSX Transportation Incorporated (Seaboard Coast Line)
SCLU Sea Containers Incorporated
SCLX CanadianOxy Industrial Chemicals Limited Partnership
SCMX Shell Oil Company
SCNX South Carolina Electric and Gas Company
SCNZ Shipping Corporation Of New Zealand
SCOX Scoular Company
SCOZ Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
SCPU Alnery No. 954 Limited (U.K.)
SCPX Shell Oil Company
SCRF South Carolina Central Railroad
SCRX Santa Clarita Railway d/b/a James Clark and Company
SCST Seaboard Transportation Company
SCSX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
SCT Sioux City Terminal Railway
SCTR South Central Tennessee Railroad
SCTU Shirlstar Container Transport Limited
SCWX South Carolina Public Service Authority
SCWZ Sea Containers
SCXF South Central Florida Express
SCXU Alnery No. 954 Limited (U.K.)
SCXY St. Croix Valley Railroad Company
SCYX First Union Rail
SCYZ Sea ContainersIncorporated
SCZU Yorkshire Marine Containers (BNSF)
SDCX Consolidated Minerals Incorporated Feed Supplement Division
SDEX Swindell-Dressler Energy Supply Company
SDIY San Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad Company
SDPX South Dakota Soybean Processors
SDRX Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority
SDSU Soo Line Railroad
SE Semo Port Railroad Incorporated
SEAU Sea-Land Service Incorporated
SECX General Electric Rail Services
SEFX North American Rails Leasing Corporation
SEI Southeastern International Corporation
SEIU Strategic Equipment Systems Incorporated
SEIX Seimax Gas Corporation
SEIZ Strategic Equipment Systems Incorporated
SEKR Southeast Kansas Railroad Company
SEMX Seminole Electric Cooperative
SEPA Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SEPX Southwestern Electric Power Company (La.)
SEQX Sequa Chemicals Incorporated
SERA Sierra Railroad Company
SERX ACF Industries Incorporated
SESX B.C. Hydro
SFAL SF and L Railway Incorporated
SFIX HELM Financial Corporation
SFLC Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SFLR Shore Fast Line Incorporated
SFQ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SFR Southern Freight Logistics LLC (d/b/a Southern Freight Railroad)
SFRX Southern Foundry Supply Incorporated
SFS Santa Fe Southern Railway Incorporated
SFSX San Francisco Transportation Services Company Incorporated
SFTU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SFTX Continental Tank Car Corporation
SFTZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SFVZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
SGAU Saga and Company Limited
SGAX SGA Leasing Company
SGCX Sungas Corporation of Florida
SGIX Vision Energy Minnesota Incorporated
SGLR Seminole Gulf Railway L.P.
SGRX Skip Gibbs
SGSX Terra International Incorporated
SGTU Sogotra Ltd
SGVY Saginaw Valley Railway Company Incorporated
SH Steelton and Highspire Railroad Company
SHLX Procor Limited
SHPX ACF Industries Incorporated
SHSZ H and S Railroad Company Incorporated
SHWU Showa Maritime USA Incorporated
SHWZ Showa Line Limited
SI Union Pacific Railroad Company (Spokane International)
SICX Sloss Industries Corporation
SIEX Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated
SIGX Southern Indiana Gas and Electric
SILU Suttons International
SIND Southern Indiana Railway Incorporated
SIPX Arrendadora Sipco S.A. de C.V.
SIRR Southern Industrial Railroad
SIRX Southern Illinois Railcar Company
SISU Scandinavian Cargo Sea A.B.
SITX Sherritt International Corporation
SJEX SJEX Incorporated
SJNX Mobay Corporation
SJRT St. Johns River Terminal
SJRX Jacksonville Electric Authority
SJSZ Specialty Chassis Leasing Incorporated
SJVR San Joaquin Valley Railroad Company
SKCX ARCO Chemical Company
SKGX Sibley Railcar and Parts Incorporated
SKIU XTRA Intermodal
SKIZ XTRA Intermodal
SKNX Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
SKOL South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad
SKPR Southern Kent and Pacific RR Company
SKPX Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
SKRX Schuylkill Railcar L.P.
SKRZ XTRA Intermodal
SL Salt Lake City Southern Railroad
SLAL South Plains Lamesa Railroad
SLBU Showa Line Limited
SLC San Luis Central Railroad Company
SLCU SLC Societe Location Containers
SLDU SHOWA Line Limited
SLEX Short Line Enterprises Limited
SLFU SHOWA Line Limited
SLGG Progress Rail Services Corporation d/b/a Sidney and Lowe Railroad
SLGW Salt Lake Garfield and Western Railway Company
SLHU SHOWA Line Limited
SLIU Star Lines Equipment Incorporated
SLIZ Star Lines Shipping Company Inc
SLKU Sea-Link Container Lines
SLOU Showa Line Limited
SLQ St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad (Quebec) Incorporated
SLR St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company
SLRR St. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad
SLRS SMS Rail Service Incorporated
SLRU Showa Line Limited
SLSF Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Frisco)
SLVX Silver Enterprises
SLWC Stillwater Central Railroad Company Incorporated
SM St. Marys Railroad Company
SMA San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company
SMCX San Miguel Electric Cooperative
SMCZ Maine Central Railroad Company
SMDU Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) Company
SMEX South Mississippi Electric Power Association
SMIX Structural Metals Incorporated
SMLU Seaboard Marine Limited
SMLZ Seaboard Marine Limited
SMMX St. Marys Cement Company
SMNR Southern Manitoba Railway Incorporated
SMNX Solvay Minerals Incorporated
SMPX Commercial Metal Company
SMRR Sisseton Milbank Railroad Incorporated
SMRX Atlanta Chapter B National Railway Historical Society Incorporated
SMV Santa Maria Valley Railroad Company
SNBL Sioux City and New Orleans Barge Line
SNFX IND/AG Chemicals Incorporated
SNHX IND/AG Chemicals Incorporated
SNLU Schneider National
SNLZ Schneider National
SNWU Ste National Der Wagon Reservior
SO South Orient
SOCX BP Amoco Chemical Company BP Oil Division
SOEX Shell Oil Company
SOFU Sofredi
SOIX Sand Seed Service Incorporated
SOM Somerset Railroad Corporation
SONX Soneco Services Incorporated
SOO Soo Line Railroad Company
SOOZ Soo Line Railroad Company
SOPR South Pierce Railroad
SORA Southern Rails Cooperative Limited
SOTX Southern Concrete Construction Company Incorporated
SOU Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Southern)
SOU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
SOUU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
SOUZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
SP Union Pacific Railroad Company (Southern Pacific)
SPAX Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SPAZ Spanish Lines
SPCH Qwest Communications Corporation
SPCU Spacific Container Lease Pty Ltd
SPCX Qwest Communications Corporation
SPDU Union Pacific Railroad Company
SPDZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
SPFE Union Pacific Railroad Company
SPFZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
SPGX Suburban Propane LP
SPIX Sweeteners Plus Incorporated
SPLU Compania Trasatlantica Espanola (Spanish Line)
SPLZ Union Pacific Railroad Co
SPPU Splosna Plovba Piran
SPQ Union Pacific Railroad Company
SPRX Seaport Central Railroad Incorporated
SPS Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Spokane, Portland & Seattle)
SPSX Progress Rail Services Corporation
SPTX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
SPTZ Union Pacific Railroad Co (Southern Pacific)
SPUD St. Paul Union Depot Company
SQVR Sequatchie Valley Railroad
SR Kansas City Southern Railway Company
SRC Strasburg Railroad Company
SRCX Sid Richardson Carbon Company
SREX StatesRail Equipment Company LLC
SRIX Southwest Rail Industries Incorporated
SRLX Southern Rail Leasing Incorporated
SRN Sabine River and Northern RR Company
SRNJ Southern Railroad Company of New Jersey
SRPX Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District
SRRX Star Railroad Equipment
SRSU Sea-Road Shipping S.A. Miami FL
SRSX Sperry Rail Service
SRY Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited
SRYC Sierra Railway Company of California
SS Sand Springs Railway Company
SSAM Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Company (Canadian National)
SSC Southern Switching Company
SSCU States Steamship Company
SSCZ States Steamship Company
SSD Union Pacific Railroad Company
SSDK Savannah State Docks Railroad Company
SSH South Shore
SSIU Japan Line Limited
SSIX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
SSIZ Japan Line Limited
SSJR Sheffield Station Jct. Railway
SSJU Sumitomo 3M
SSLV Southern San Luis Valley Railroad
SSLZ Sea Star Line LLC
SSMX David J. Joseph Company
SSOR Sisseton Southern Railway Company
SSPB Seaspan International Limited
SSPX A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company
SSSU Hansen and TidemannIncorporated
SSSX Transportation Logistics Corporation
SSSZ Hansen and TidemannIncorporated
SSVX SSI Industries (M of Way Cars)
SSW Union Pacific Railroad Company (St. Louis Southwestern)
SSWN Union Pacific Railroad Company
ST ST Rail System
STAU Star Shipping A Norway
STAX OCI Chemical Corporation
STCX Sterling China Company(Captive Service)
STE Stockton Terminal and Eastern RR
STEX Sterling Chemicals Incorporated
STGX South Texas Grain Company Incorporated
STJX Stone Container (Canada) Incorporated
STLH St. Lawrence and Hudson Railway Company Limited (Canadian Pacific)
STLU Matson Navigation Company
STLX A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company
STLZ Matson Navigation Company
STMA St. Maries River Railroad Company
STMX A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company Industrial Products Group
STMZ Texas Mexican Railway Company
STOX ACF Industries Incorporated Amcar Division
STPX Strategic Transport Systems Incorporated
STR Shawnee Terminal Railway Company
STRT Stewartstown Railroad Company
STRX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
STRZ Stroh/Schlitz Brewery
STSX A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company
STTU Shirlstar Container Transport Limited
STTX TTX Company
STTZ Stevens Transport
SUAB Southern Alabama Railroad Company Inc
SUDU Columbus Line Incorporated
SULX Sultran Limited
SUN Sunset Railway Company
SUNX Sun Refining and Marketing Company
SUTU Suttons International
SUTX Sumter Transport Company Incorporated
SV Greater Shenandoah Valley Development Dev. Company d/b/a Shenandoah Valley Railroad
SVRR Shamokin Valley Railroad Company
SW Southwestern Railroad Company
SWFX Stone Container Corporation
SWFZ Swift Transportation
SWGR Seagraves Whiteface and Lubbock Railroad
SWKR San Pedro and Southwestern Railway Company
SWP Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad
SWPX Southwestern Portland Cement Company
SWRX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
SWTZ St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company
SWYX OCI Chemical Wyoming Company
SXSX Ron Johnson and Associates
SYRX Minnesota Corn Processors Bulk Products Division
SYSX United States Systems Incorporated

TACX American Coal Sales Company
TAG Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia)
TAIX Texas Alkyls Incorporated
TALX Trical Incorporated
TALZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
TANX TransiTech Incorporated
TANZ Intermodal Express Incorporated
TARX Sandersville Leasing Incorporated
TASD Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks
TASX TransRail Incorporated
TATX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
TAXU TRAC Lease Incorporated
TAXZ TRAC Lease Incorporated
TAZX Trade Wind Limited
TBCU Boeing Company
TBCX Boeing Company
TBER Terre Haute Brazil and Eastern Railroad
TBRX Taylor Rail Group Incorporated
TBRY Thermal Belt Railway
TCAX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
TCCX TCCX Corporation
TCDX Union Tank Car Company
TCG Tucson Cornelia and Gila Bend Railroad Company
TCGX Williams Energy Ventures Incorporated
TCGZ Columbus and Greenville Railway Company
TCIX Trinity Chemical Leasing LLC
TCKR Turtle Creek Industrial RR.Incorporated
TCLU TCL Tankcargo Container Leasing S.A.
TCLX Trinity Chemical Leasing LLC
TCMX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
TCOX Concrete Company
TCOZ Terminal Consolidation Company
TCPZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
TCQX Thrall Car Manufacturing Company
TCSZ Triple Crown Services Company (Norfolk Southern)
TCT Texas City Terminal Railway Company
TCTX Tube City Incorporated
TCWR Twin Cities and Western Railroad
TCX General American Marks Company
TCZU Triple Crown Services Company
TDNZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TDPZ Transport International Pool Incorporated
TDSZ Transamerica Distribution Services Incorporated
TE Tacoma Eastern Railway Company
TEAX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
TEGX Transenergy Grinding Incorporated
TEHU Trans Ocean Container Corporation
TEIX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
TELX ELF Atochem North America Incorporated
TEMX Temple-Inland Forest Products
TENN Tennessee Railway Company
TERZ Tacoma Eastern Railway Company
TEUU Gulfcoast Transit Company
TEXC Texas Central Railroad Company
TEXU Textainer Incorporated
TFLU Trans Freight Lines Incorporated
TFM TFM S.A. de C.V.
TFVM Terminal Ferroviaria Del Velle De Mexico S.A. de C.V.
TFZ Terminal Freight Handling Company
TGAX PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
TGCU TCS Transglobe Container Services GMBH
TGIX PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
TGOX First Union Rail
TGPU Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
TGPX Tamak Transportation Corporation
TGRX Transglobal Rail Incorporated
TGSX Tg Soda Ash Incorporated
THB Canadian Pacific Railway
THCX MG Industries
THRX Transportation Corporation of America
TIBR TimberRock Railroad Company Incorporated
TILU Tirrenia Di Navigazione S.P.A.
TILX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
TIMX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
TINU Tioxide (U.K.) Limited
TINX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
TIPZ TIP Intermodal Services
TIRL Tonawanda Island Railroad Incorporated
TIRZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
TISX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
TJRX S. M. Brooks
TKCU ABS Pacific
TKCX Thiele Kaolin Company
TKEN Tennken Railroad Company Incorporated
TLAU Trail-Con Leasing Incorporated (Canadian Pacific Limited)
TLAZ Trail-Con Leasing Incorporated
TLCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
TLDX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
TLIU Trans Leasing Incorporated
TLTX Tilcon Tomasso Quarries Incorporated
TM Texas Mexican Railway Company
TMAX Tenneco Packaging Company
TMBL Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Railway
TMEX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
TMEZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TMGX Transporte Multimodal de Granos
TMIX TransMatrix Incorporated
TMKZ Transport International Pool Incorporated
TMLU Taylor Minster Leasing Limited
TMLX Temco Corporation
TMLZ Seaboard Marine Limited
TMMU Transportacion Maritima Mexicana S.A.
TMPX Texas Municipal Power Agency
TMPZ TIP Intermodal Services
TMSS Towanda-Monroeton Shippers Lifeline Incorporated
TMT Trailer Marine Transport Corporation
TMTU P and O Tank Masters
TMTZ Trailer Marine Transport Corporation
TN Texas and Northern Railway Company
TNAX TransAmerican Refining Corporation
TNCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
TNER Texas Northeastern Division Mid-Michigan Railroad Incorporated
TNM Union Pacific Railroad Company
TNMR Texas and New Mexico Division Austin and Northwestern Railroad Company Limited
TNR Kansas City Southern Railway Company
TNXU Transx Limited
TNXZ Transx Limited
TOE Texas Oklahoma and Eastern RR Company
TOFU TOFC Incorporated Division of Fruehauf
TOFZ TOFC Incorporated Division of Fruehauf
TOLU Trans Ocean Leasing
TOLZ Trans Ocean Leasing
TONU Trans Ocean Line Limited
TOR RailAmerica
TORU Torm Lines
TORZ Torco Inc
TOTU Tiphook Container
TOTX Cotco Incorporated
TP Union Pacific Railroad Company (Texas & Pacific)
TPCZ Tiphook Container Rental Company Limited
TPEX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
TPFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
TPGX Technical Propellants Incorporated
TPHU Tiphook Container Rental Company Limited
TPHX Thomas Payne Holdings Incorporated
TPIU Tropicana Products Incorporated
TPIX Tropicana Products Sales Incorporated
TPKU Toledo Peoria and Western Railway Corporation
TPKU Trafpak Limited Aylesbury G.B.
TPLX Trans-Pacific Lines
TPSX TPS Leasing Company LLC
TPTX Trailer Train Company
TPW Toledo Peoria and Western Railway
TPXU Tiphook Container Rental Company Limited
TPZ Union Pacific Railroad Co
TQEX First Union Rail
TR Tomahawk Railway L.P.
TRAU Associated Transport Line
TRAX RailAmerica
TRC Trona Railway Company
TRCX Tri-County Commuter Rail Authority
TRDU Triad Transport Incorporated
TREX Tetra Technologies Incorporated
TRFU Trans Freight Incorporated
TRFZ Transcontinental Refrigerator Lines Incorporated
TRGX First Union Rail
TRIN Trinidad Railway Incorporated
TRIU Triton Container International Incorporated
TRIX GATX Capital Corporation
TRLU Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
TRLX Texas Railcar Leasing Company
TRMW City of Tacoma d/b/a Tacoma Rail Mountain Division
TRMX The Railroad Museum-TRM Industries
TRNX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
TROU Trans Ocean Limited
TRPX AmeriGas Propane L.P.
TRRA Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis
TRSU Transconex Incorporated
TRTX W.J.Kirberger Trustee
TRUX Midwest Bottle Gas Company
TRZU Transamerican Container Leasing Company
TRZZ Transamerican Leasing Incorporated
TSBY Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway Company
TSE Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company
TSFU Transamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TSKU N.Y.K. Line
TSLZ Transportation Specialists Limited
TSNR Tyson Railroad Incorporated
TSOZ Tank Solutions Incorporated
TSPZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated (BNSF)
TSRD Twin State Railroad Company
TSRR Tennessee Southern Railroad Company
TSSX U.S. Dept. of Energy Albuquerque Operations Office
TSU Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Company LLC
TSU Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Company
TSVX Tennsv Incorporated
TSWR Toppenish Simcoe and Western Railroad
TSXX Tri-State Generation and Transmission Assoc.
TSXZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
TTAX TTX Company
TTBX TTX Company
TTCU TNC Chemicals Company
TTCX TTX Company
TTDX TTX Company
TTEX TTX Company
TTFX TTX Company
TTGX TTX Company
TTHX TTX Company
TTIS Transkentucky Transportation Railroad Incorporated
TTIU Thailand Tantalum Industry Corporation Limited
TTIZ Tandem Transport Incorporated
TTJX TTX Company
TTKX TTX Company
TTLC Tropical Trailer Leasing Corporation
TTLX TTX Company
TTLZ Tropical Trailer Leasing Corporation
TTMX TTX Company
TTNX TTX Company
TTOX TTX Company
TTOZ Totem Ocean Trailer Express Incorporated
TTPX TTX Company
TTPZ Canadian National Railway
TTQX TTX Company
TTR Talleyrand Terminal Railroad Company
TTRU Tropical Shipping and Construction Company Limited
TTRX TTX Company
TTRZ Train Trailer Rentals Limited
TTSX TTX Company
TTSZ Triton Transport Services
TTTU Transport International Containers S.A.
TTTX TTX Company
TTTZ Puerto Rican Maritime Authority
TTUX TTX Company
TTVX TTX Company
TTWU Canadian National Railway
TTWX TTX Company
TTWZ Canadian National Railway
TTX TTX Company
TTZX TTX Company
TUGX Texas Utilities Mining Company
TUPX Texas Ultra Pure Incorporated
TUST Texarkana Union Station Trust
TVAX Tennessee Valley Authority
TVM Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
TVRR Tulare Valley Railroad Company
TWLZ Trans West Logistics
TWNZ Twinstar Leasing Limited
TWSX A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company
TXGN Texas Gonzales and Northern Railway Company
TXIX Texas Industries Incorporated
TXNW Texas North Western Railway Company
TXOR Texas and Oklahoma Railroad Company
TXPX Texas Petrochemicals Corporation
TXR Texas Rock Crusher Railway Company
TXTC Texas Transportation Company
TXUX TU Electric
TXXZ Trac Lease Incorporated
TYBR Tyburn Railroad Company
TYC Tylerdale Connecting

(Video) WHAT!?! Union Pacific Locomotive with PRR Reporting Marks!?!

UACU United Arab Shippers
UAEU United Arab Shipping Company (S.A.G.)
UAIX United Asphalts Incorporated
UASU United Arab Shipping Company
UASZ United Arab Shipping Company
UBCU United Fruit Company
UBMU United Baltic Corporation Limited
UCAU UCA Containers AG
UCCU American Cyanamide
UCCX Union Carbide Canada Limited
UCEX Union Electric Company
UCFX Union Carbide Corporation
UCIR Union County Industrial Railroad
UCLU Unicorn Lines (Pty) Limited
UCLX Vulcan Materials Co ChemicalsDiv
UCMX United Clays Incorporated
UCOX Praxair Incorporated
UCRY Utah Central Railroad Company
UCSX Union Camp Corporation
UELX ADM Transportation Company
UFCU Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
UFCZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
UFIX Houston Lighting and Power Company
UGMU Evergreen International (USA) Corporation
UHRX Upper Hudson River Railroad Corporation
UIWX Riley Stoker Corporation
UMP Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad
UMPX First Union Rail
UMSZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
UNBX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
UNCX CGTX Incorporated
UNPX Procor Limited
UNSX MidAmerican Energy Company
UNTX MRC Rail Services LLC
UOCX General American Marks Company
UOPX UOP A New York Partnership
UP Union Pacific Railroad Company
UPAX United Power Association
UPBZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
UPCU USPCI Incorporated
UPCX Laidlaw Environmental Services Incorporated
UPFE Union Pacific Railroad Company (Union Pacific Fruit Express)
UPFU Union Pacific Bulktainer Service
UPHZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
UPNZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
UPOZ United Parcel Service
UPP Union Pacific Railroad Company (Passenger cars)
UPR Union Pacific Railroad Company
UPRU Union Pacific Railroad Company
UPSZ United Parcel Service
UPTU Union Pacific Bulktainer Service
UPUU Union Pacific Bulktainer Service
UPWZ United Parcel Service
UPZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
URDX Arch of Kentucky Incorporated
URGX UniCapital Rail Group
URR Union Railroad Company (Pittsburgh PA.)
URY Union Ry. of Memphis
USAU Pan Texas Leasing Incorporated
USAX Department of Defence Troop Support and Aviation Material Readiness Command (Intraplant)
USAZ XTRA Intermodal
USBX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
USCU Union Steam Ship Company of NZ Limited
USCX William G. Simon
USEX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
USFU US Department of Defense Air Force
USIX Equistar Chemicals LP
USLU United States Lines Incorporated
USLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
USLZ United States Lines Incorporated
USMU US Department of Defense Marine Corps
USMX U.S. Steel Mining Company Incorporated
USNU US Department of Defense Navy
USNX Department of Defence Military Traffic Management Command (Intra Plant Service)
USPX U.S. Plastics Corporation
USPZ U.S. Postal Service
USRX U.S. Railways, Inc.
USSU United Steel and Strip Corporation
USWX USA Waste Services Incorporated
UTAH Utah Railway Company
UTCU Stolt Tank Containers Incorporated
UTCX Union Tank Car Company
UTHZ Transamerica Leasing Inc
UTLX Union Tank Car Company
UTLZ United Trailer Leasing Company
UTPX Suburban Propane LP
UTTX TTX Company
UUAX Up-Up and Away Incorporated
UUUZ Uiterwyk Corporation
UYLU United Yugoslav Lines (Kerr Steamship Company Agents)
UYLZ United Yugoslav Lines

VAIU Transports International Vaicon
VALE Valley Railroad Company
VALX Sierra Pacific Power Company/Idaho Power Company
VAPX Virginia Power
VB Van Buren Bridge Company (Bangor & Aroostook)
VCRR Ventura County Railroad Company
VCRX Vaughn Leasing and Rental Corporation
VCSX PLM International Incorporated
VCY Ventura County Railway Company
VEPX HELM Equipment Leasing Company
VERX Verson Division of Allied Products Corporation
VESU Vespucci Marine Company Limited
VGN Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Virginian)
VGPX Valley Grain Products Incorporated
VIAX VIAX Incorporated
VICX Union Tank Car Company
VIKU Viking Freight Systems Incorporated
VIKZ Viking Freight Systems Incorporated
VILX LaRoche Industries
VIPX Union Tank Car Company
VMCX Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
VMEX Vernor Materials Equipment Company
VMVX VMV Enterprises Incorporated
VOSU Bureau Veritas
VOTX Volunteer Trailblazers Incorporated
VR Valdosta Railway L.P.
VREX Virginia Railway Express
VRR Vaughan Railroad Company
VRRC Vandalia Railroad Company
VS V and S Railway Incorporated
VSRR Virginia Southern DivisionNorth Carolina and Virginia Railroad
VTGU VTG Vereinigte Tanklager U Transportmittel
VTR Vermont Railway Incorporated
VTRZ Vermont Railway Incorporated
VTTX TTX Company
VUHX Wagner Mills Incorporated
VULX Vulcan Materials Company Construction Materials Group
VWCX Railcar Leasing Specialists Incorporated
VYMX Voith Hydro Incorporated

WA CSX Transportation Incorporated (Western Railway of Alabama)
WAB Norfolk Southern Railway Company
WABZ WTL Rail Corporation
WACR Washington County Railroad Corporation
WACX Albright and Wilson Company
WAER Wabash and Erie Railroad
WAFX Western Ash Company
WAGX PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
WAJU Elder Dempster Lines Nigerian National Line
WAKX Wake Partnership
WAMX Webb Asset Management
WAND Wisconsin and Michigan Railway Company
WAR Warrenton Railroad Company
WATC Washington Terminal Company
WATR Water Carriers
WATZ Western Auto
WBCR Wabash Central Railroad Corporation
WBCX Blue Circle Incorporated
WBMX Lauhoff Grain Company
WBTS Waco Beaumont Trinity and Sabine Railway Company
WC Canadian National (Wisconsin Central Limited)
WCAX Westcan Rail Limited
WCCX Consolidation Coal Company
WCDX Farmland Industries Incorporated
WCFX General Electric Rail Services
WCHX Walter Haffner Company
WCLC Waccamaw Coast Line Railroad Company
WCLR Waccamaw Coast Line Railroad Company
WCLU Orient Overseas Line Incorporated
WCLZ Wisconsin Central Limited
WCOR Wellsboro and Corning Railroad Company
WCQ Wisconsin Central Limited
WCRC Columbia Basin Railroad Company
WCRL West Chester Railroad Company
WCSX Wheelabrator Coal Services Company
WCTR WCTU Railway Company (White City Terminal)
WCTU WCTU Railway Company
WCTX Resource Recycling Incorporated
WDAX Washington Department of Agriculture
WE Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company
WECX Westinghouse Electric Corporation
WEIX Wilbur-Ellis Company
WELX White Equipment Leasing Corporation
WEPX Wisconsin Electric Power Company
WERZ Werner Enterprises Incorporated
WESX Westar Timber Limited
WETZ West East Transport Company
WEYU Weyerhauser Company
WFAX Western Fuels Association Incorporated (Colo.)
WFCX Western Farmers Electric Cooperative
WFIX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
WFS West Isle Line Incorporated
WGCR Wiregrass Central Railroad. Incorporated
WGFX Willard Grain and Feed Incorporated
WGR Willamina and Grand Ronde Railway
WHCU US Department of Energy
WHMX Miner Enterprises
WHOE Walking Horse and Eastern Railroad
WHRC Windsor and Hantsport Railway Company
WHTX ADM Milling Company
WHTZ Riley Whittle Incorporated (RWI Transportation)
WIF West India Fruit and Steamship
WIIX Williamette Industries Incorporated
WIKU Textainer Incorporated
WIMX Wimpey Minerals USA Incorporated
WISX Wisconsin Power and Light Company
WITX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
WJ West Michigan Railroad Company
WKLR Western Kentucky Railway LLC
WLDX Weldship Corporation
WLO Waterloo Railway Company (Illinois Central)
WLPX Westlake Polymers Corporation
WM CSX Transportation Incorporated (Western Maryland)
WMI West Michigan Railroad Co
WMIX Waste Management of Illinois Incorporated
WMSC White Mountain Scenic Railroad
WNCX Wabash National Finance Corporation
WNCZ Wabash National Finance Corporation
WNFR Winifrede Railroad Company
WNGX Western Natural Gas Company
WNYX Western New York Railway Historical Society
WOHO Wabash and Ohio Railroad
WOLZ H. O. Wolding Incorporated
WP Union Pacific Railroad Company (Western Pacific)
WPEX Wabash Power Equipment Company
WPGX Western Paving Construction Company
WPMU Union Pacific Railroad Company
WPMW Union Pacific Railroad Company
WPRR Willamette and Pacific Railroad
WPRU Waterman of Puerto Rico-USA Incorporated
WPSX Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
WPTZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
WPXZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
WPZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
WRDX MidAmerican Energy Company
WREX Western Railroad Equipment Company
WRFX White River Trading Incorporated
WRLX Relco Tank Line Incorporated
WRNX Chevron U.S.A. Incorporated
WRPI Western Railroad Properties Incorporated
WRPX PSI Energy Incorporated (Ind.)
WRRC Western Rail Road Company
WRSX Warren Railcar Service Incorporated
WRWK Providence and Worcester Railroad
WRX Western Refrigerator Line Company Terminal
WRY Waterloo Railway Company
WS Walkersville Southern Railroad
WSIX Watco Switching Indiana
WSLZ Wiley Sanders Truck Lines Incorporated
WSOR Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Company
WSOX First Union Rail
WSOZ Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Company
WSPX Wheelstar Corporation
WSR Warren and Saline River Railroad
WSRY Winamac Southern Railway Company
WSRZ Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Company
WSS Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Company
WSSX Wedron Silica Company
WSTX Whitestone Supply Company
WSTZ Westside Transport Incorporated
WSX Wierton Steel Division National Steel Corporation
WTCO Western Transportation Company
WTCX Weyerhauser Company
WTJR Wichita Tillman and Jackson Railway Company Incorporated
WTL West Texas and Lubbock Railroad Company
WTLR West Texas and Lubbock Railroad Company
WTLZ WTL Rail Corporation
WTNN West Tennessee Railroad Corporation
WTRM Warren and Trumbull Railroad Company
WTRY Wilmington Terminal Railroad Incorporated
WTSE West Shore Railroad Corporation
WTTX TTX Company
WUT Wichita Union Terminal Railway
WVC Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad d/b/a West Virginia Central
WVCX Westvaco Corporation
WVIU West Van Incorporated
WVIZ West Van Incorporated
WVN Kingswood Northern Incorporated d/b/a West Virginia Northern Railroad
WVR Willamette Valley Railway Company
WW Winchester and Western Railroad Company
WWBX WWIB Transportation Services
WWEX Wood Waste Energy Incorporated
WWLU Wihl Wilhelmsen
WWLX LaRoche Industries Incorporated
WWRC Wilmington and Western Railroad
WWUX Unimin Corporation
WYCO Wyoming and Colorado Railroad
WYCX Weyerhauser Canada Limited
WYEC Wye Transportation Company
WYS Wyandotte Southern Railroad Company

XCCX Xavier Chemical Corporation
XCLU Textainer Special Equip. Limited
XCTU XTRA Intermodal (BNSF)
XCTZ XTRA Intermodal
XCWZ Union Pacific Railway Company
XFEZ Florida East Coast Railway
XKTZ XTRA Incorporated
XMCZ Maine Central Railroad
XMTZ XTRA Intermodal
XNWZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
XPMZ Puerto Rican Maritime Shipping Authority
XRFZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
XSCZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
XSLZ Soo Line Railroad
XTCU Van Donge En De Roo
XTMZ Trailer Marine Transport Company
XTRU Genstar Container Corporation
XTRX First Union Rail
XTRZ XTRA Intermodal
XTTX TTX Company

YARR Youngstown and Austintown Railroad Incorporated
YB Youngstown Belt Railroad Company
YCEU Inter-Continental Equipment Incorporated
YFIZ Yellow Forwarding Company
YFSZ Yellow Freight Services Incorporated
YKR Yorkrail Incorporated
YMCZ Yangming Marine Transport Corporation
YMLU Yangming Marine Transport Corporation
YMLZ Yangming Marine Transport Corporation
YS Youngstown and Southern Railway Company
YSAZ Nippon Liner System Limited
YSDU Yamashita-Shinnihon Line
YSJU Yamashita-Shinnihon Line
YSLR Yolo Shortline Railroad Company
YSLU Yamashita-Shinnihon Line
YSLZ Yamashita-Shinnihon Line
YSTU Yamashita-Shinnihon Line
YVRR Yadkin Valley Railroad Company
YVT Yakim Valley Transportation Company
YW Yreka Western Railroad Company

ZACX Zaclon Incorporated
ZBXU Zim Israel Navigation Company Limited
ZCAX Zinc Corporation of America
ZCCX Zeigler Coal Company
ZCSU Zim American Israeli Shipping Company Incorporated
ZDAZ XTRA Intermodal
ZIMU Zim Israel Navigation Company Limited
ZKCC XTRA Intermodal
ZMFC XTRA Intermodal
ZRNX Erie City Energy Division – Zurn Industries Incorporated
ZSPZ Transamerica Leasing Incorporated
ZTEU Aztec Leasing Corporation
ZTLX Ziol Tank Line
ZTTX TTX Company

(Video) Bay window Caboose up Colours SP reporting marks


What do the letters on the side of a train mean? ›

Railroad cars are identified by two, three, or four letters and by a number of up to six digits. The letters, known as reporting marks, indicate the owner of the car, while the number places it in the owner's fleet. Reporting marks ending in X indicate ownership by a private company as opposed to a railroad.

What is the steepest grade for a railroad? ›

Saluda Grade is the steepest standard-gauge mainline railway grade in the United States. Owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway as part of its W Line, Saluda Grade in Polk County, North Carolina, gains 606 feet (185 m) in elevation in less than three miles between Melrose and Saluda.

What's the highest grade a train can climb? ›

High-speed railways commonly allow 2.5% to 4% because the trains must be strong and have many wheels with power to reach very high speeds. For freight trains, gradients should be as gentle as possible, preferably below 1.5%.

What do the numbers mean on a train? ›

A single-digit number, indicating the class (type) of train, followed by. A letter, indicating the destination area, followed by. A two-digit number, identifying the individual train or indicating the route (the latter generally for suburban services).

What is the end of a train called? ›

A caboose is a train car that is usually at the end. If you are pulling up the rear, you could call yourself the caboose. The engine is the first car on a freight train, and the last car is usually the caboose.

What is the front car of a train called? ›

The front of a train is called a "locomotive." The back of a train is called a "caboose."

How sharp of a turn can a train make? ›

Curves of 1 or 2 degrees are the most common on mainline railroads; the sharpest curve a common four-axle diesel can take is about 20 degrees when coupled to other rolling stock, more than 40 degrees when by itself. Mountainous territory, however, generally dictates curves of 5 to 10 degrees, or even sharper.

How much does an old caboose cost? ›

Typical prices for steel-bodied boxcars and cabooses run between $2,000 and $4,000.

What is the most powerful locomotive ever built? ›

The world's most powerful locomotive, the Shen-24, has a whopping unit power of 38,621 horsepower or 28,800 kW and generates 2,280 kN of forward propulsion. Additionally, this powerful machine can pull a 10,000-ton (9.07 million kg) train on a 1.2 percent slope and can move up to 120 km/h (74.56 mi/h).

What is the steepest railway in the US? ›

The Madison Incline is the steepest line-haul, standard gauge railroad track in North America. Opened in 1841, the incline has been in existence for nearly 180 years.

Can Model trains go uphill? ›

Well, yes, but several elements come into play. The simplest is the slope itself, or how steep the rise is. Railroaders usually express that as a percentage. If a train rises 2 inches for every 100 inches it travels, we refer to this as a 2 percent grade.

Can a train go uphill? ›

Hillclimbing is a problem faced by railway systems when a load must be carried up an incline. While railways have a great ability to haul very heavy loads, this advantage is only significant when the tracks are fairly level. As soon as the gradients increase, the tonnage that can be hauled is greatly diminished.

What is the 5 digit number in train? ›

The first digit of the 5 digit train number indicates the type of the Passenger trains: 0 - for special trains (e.g., summer specials, holiday specials, etc.) 1 - for all long-distance trains, including the Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Sampark Kranti, Garib Rath, Duronto, etc.

What does GATX mean on a railcar? ›

Reporting marks

GATX's primary freight car marks are: GATX (for tank cars) GACX (for general-service freight cars) GGPX (for coal cars) GIMX (for intermodal cars)

What do Infinity Train numbers mean? ›

The Numbers are a marking that every passenger of the Infinity Train possesses when on board. They act as a sort of counter, indicating how far a passenger is to being able to leave the Train.

What is a train driver called? ›

A train driver, engine driver, engineman or locomotive driver, commonly known as an engineer or railroad engineer in the United States and Canada, and also as a locomotive handler, locomotive operator, train operator, or motorman, is a person who drives a train, multiple unit or a locomotive.

Do train conductors sleep on the train? ›

Two decades after federal officials identified fatigue as a top safety concern, the problem continues to haunt the railroad industry, especially the largest carriers responsible for moving the vast majority of the nation's rail-borne freight. “Engineers and conductors sleep on trains.

Why did they stop using cabooses? ›

Until the 1980s, laws in the United States and Canada required all freight trains to have a caboose and a full crew, for safety. Technology eventually advanced to a point where the railroads, in an effort to save money by reducing crew members, stated that cabooses were unnecessary.

What is each section of a train called? ›

I would call them "cars". Most in the US would call them "cars" -- flat car, passenger car, coal car, tank (or tanker) car, box car.

What are the sections of a train? ›

Railways: trains & parts of trains
  • air brake.
  • baggage car.
  • berth.
  • boat train.
  • bogie.
  • boiler.
  • boxcar.
  • buffer.
Aug 3, 2022

Is carriage A at the front of the train? ›

Train Coach Indicator

When the train travels in one direction, Coach A is at the front. However, if the trains were to return in the opposite direction, the front coach would be “D”.

Do they still use cabooses? ›

Very few cabooses remain in operation today, though they are still used for some local trains where it is convenient to have a brakeman at the end of the train to operate switches, on long reverse movements, and are also used on trains carrying hazardous materials.

What is a train driver called? ›

A train driver, engine driver, engineman or locomotive driver, commonly known as an engineer or railroad engineer in the United States and Canada, and also as a locomotive handler, locomotive operator, train operator, or motorman, is a person who drives a train, multiple unit or a locomotive.

Why is the front of a train called a cow catcher? ›

In the 1940s and '50s, cowcatcher jumped the tracks and took on a new life in TV and radio advertising jargon. The term was used for a commercial that was aired immediately before a program and that advertised a secondary product of the program's sponsor. Such ads apparently got the name because they "went in front."

What is a room on a train called? ›

A roomette is a type of sleeping car compartment in a railroad passenger train.


1. Train Control and Dispatching
(Lake Superior Railroad Museum & NS Scenic Railroad)
2. Illinois Terminal Railroad 1952-1953
(E VV)
3. UP unit aggregate train.
(bob dahringer)
4. CSX Freight Q561 - CSX & Conrail 86' Boxcars with NYC Reporting Marks - ES44AH #3158 & AC4400CW #455
(Corner Field Hobby Railfan)
5. Progress On The Rails Pennsylvania Railroad
(Backshop Rail Productions)
6. Ore cars with new (?) reporting mark CIAX at Stuart Yard Hamilton, Ontario
(K. S. 🇺🇦)

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