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  • Non Combustible Floor Firestop Plate - ICID Plus - Schiedel Product Information Finder (2)
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    This fire stop plate is used exclusively where the chimney passes through a non-combustible floor.

    • Fast inter fit with ICID System Chimney.
    • Suitable for use on solid fuel appliances.

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    • AR Chimney Builder for Stoves
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    Our Eco ICID range has evolved into a multi-application system adaptable for Dry (D), Fu (W) and even Positive Pressure (P) applications.

    ICID Plus is ideal not only for traditional stoves but also for pellet stoves, biomass appliances, mini/micro CHP and even condensing boilers capable of withstanding positive pressure.

    The system is designed so that the outer case is load bearing and the inner liner is free to expand independently, therefore thermal expansion is accommodated within each and every joint of the system.

    ICID Plus comes with a Lifetime Guarantee*

    ICID Plus has a number of features:

    • Joint designTwist-lock bayonet jointing system. Secured by locking band.
    • Advanced corrosion resistant design and construction uses laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liner and stainless steel case.
    • The 25mm of high density mineral wool insulation maintains flue gas temperature, maximising efficiency, improving flue draught on start up and minimising condensation.
    • Low external case temperature.
    • The inner liner is free to expand through the female collar, allowing for maximum thermal expansion even during a soot fire.
    • The inner liner has an an engineered design with an inward bead at the female end which acts as a capillary break preventing moisture being drawn through the joint.
    • Lip seal packs are available containing a quick fit female lip seal with a grease sachet to allow product to be easily adapted for use in Positive Pressure (P) app.

    Additional information

    Int mm

    100, 125, 150, 180, 200



    Dimension A B

    450 338, 610 356

    AR Chimney Builder For Stoves.

    Non Combustible Floor Firestop Plate - ICID Plus - Schiedel Product Information Finder (3)Non Combustible Floor Firestop Plate - ICID Plus - Schiedel Product Information Finder (4)Download our amazing Augmented Reality App, which lets you see how a stove looks like in a room and can calculate the ICID components and costs. Click herefor more details

    Money back for installers from Schiedel

    Whenever you register an installation with our easy to use, online guarantee registration portal, you will now accrue points based on the number of installations and installation type.

    Once you have reached a minimum of 25 points, you can begin to redeem them for £25 Love2Shop vouchers.

    So start to register your installations, taking full advantage of our Lifetime Guarantee on Flex and ICID, as well as guarantees on all our other ranges, and to commence earning points 🙂

    Click here for more details.


    We are confident in our products and so offer you (the owner) a generous guarantee in relation to the ICID system (the System). Provided that you comply in full with Your Responsibilities (below) and subject to the Small Print (below), we guarantee to you that the System will be free from defects for whichever is the greater of:

    • a period equal to the guarantee period of the appliance to which the Liner is first connected; or
    • 20 years.

    For example, if your System is fitted to an appliance with a guarantee period of 10 years, we will still guarantee your System for 20 years.

    In the unlikely event that the System becomes defective during the guarantee period, we will provide a like-for-like replacement for free (subject to your compliance with Your Responsibilities and subject to the Small Print). If the same model is no longer available, we will replace it with a suitable alternative.

    When we say ‘no quibbles’ we mean it and so the guarantee we offer is a straightforward one; we’ve set out below what is covered and what isn’t by the guarantee as well how to ensure you benefit from it.

    Click here to download the full set of responsibilities of the guarantee.

    Click here to register your guarantee for this product.

    Technical Data
    FuelWood, solid fuel | With Lip Seal: Gas and oil
    Firing Temp450°C | With Lip Seal: 200°C
    Short Firing Temp550°C | With Lip Seal: 250°C
    Thermal Shock1000°C
    Mode of OperationZero & negative pressure | With Lip Seal: Positive pressure
    Pressure Capabilities40Pa |With Lip Seal: 200pa
    Fire Rating4 Hour Fire Rating to BS 476 Part 20
    Outer CaseStainless Steel
    Outer Case (Option)Painted matt black
    Outer Case Thickness0.5mm
    SeamLaser or inert gas welded
    Liner316L : 1.4404 : X2CrNiMo 17-12-2
    Liner Thickness (mm)0.5mm
    SeamLaser or inert gas welded
    InsulationHigh performance mineral fibre
    Insulation Thickness25mm
    Average Thermal
    Resistance (200°C)
    0.4m2 k/W

    DimensionsThe dimensions of the flue are:

    IntØ mm100125150180200
    ExtØ mm150180200235256


    ICID Plus is CE Certified to EN1856-1 TÜV 0036 CPR 9195 010 with designations:

    ICID Plus is CE Certified to EN1856-2 TÜV 0036 CPR 9195 042 with designations:

    System Chimney EN1856-1

    T450 N1 W V2 L50050 G60

    T450 N1 D V3 L50050 G60

    60mm Distance to combustibles in a combustible shaft*

    T450 N1 W V2 L50050 G50

    T450 N1 D V3 L50050 G50

    50mm Distance to combustibles in a non-combustible shaft or in free air*

    Zero distance to combustibles*

    Connecting Flue Pipe EN1856-2

    T450 N1 D V2 L50050 G100 M

    • Manufactured under a Quality Management Scheme approved to BS EN ISO 9001
    • 4 Hour Fire Rating to BS476 Part 20
    • Certified for corrosion resistance on gas, oil and solid fuel by Gastec, MPA and TÜV
    • HETAS listed for use on solid fuel applications.

    Mandatory Requirements

    Connection to an appliance which is not connected to the fuel supply, should be carried out by a competent person. We recommend the use of HETAS approved installers for solid fuel applications. If installation is carried out by a non HETAS registered installer, the installation must be certified by a local Building Control inspector. Connection to an appliance that is connected to the fuel supply must be carried out by a Gas Safe (Gas) or OFTEC (Oil) registered installer.

    The design guide must be read in conjunction with the detailed component installation instructions. For full design and installation details the key referral documents are:

    • BS EN 1856-1: Chimneys – System Chimney Products
    • BS EN 1856-2: Connecting Flue Pipes
    • BS EN 1859: Metal Chimneys – Testing Methods
    • BS EN 1443: Chimneys – General Requirements
    • BS EN 15287-1: Chimneys. Design, installation and commissioning of chimneys. Chimneys for non-room sealed heating appliances.
    • BS 5440-1: Fluing and ventilation for gas appliances of rated input not exceeding 70kW net (1st,

    2nd and 3rd family gases). Specification for installation of gas appliances to chimneys and for maintenance of chimneys.

    • Approved Document J: – Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems (England & Wales)
    • DFP Technical Booklet L: – Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems (NI)
    • Technical Handbook (Domestic & Non Domestic), Section 3 – Environment (Scotland)
    • Appliance Installation Instructions and related standards. Other standards covering specific applications will also be relevant and must be adhered to.

    Planning permission may be required, and reference should be made to the local Building Control Department.

    Ensure all chimney components are available and check them to ensure there has been no damage. Do not use damaged components. Build the chimney up through the previous designed route which should be as straight as possible.

    Photos and images.

    Non Combustible Floor Firestop Plate - ICID Plus - Schiedel Product Information Finder (6)We have various photos of our products available on flickr. Please click here to visit our page, where you will also find images of our HETAS Approved Schiedel Training Academy, as well as examples of our products in Residential and Commercial situations.

    Non Combustible Floor Firestop Plate - ICID Plus - Schiedel Product Information Finder (7)Schiedel in the news.

    We are featured in various online and offline publications, with articles about our products, installation examples and much more, including distributors of our range. Visit our Pinterest page to see more.

    Schiedel TV Channel

    Non Combustible Floor Firestop Plate - ICID Plus - Schiedel Product Information Finder (8)Visit our YouTube channel, where you fill find a number of useful videos guides and installation instructions, as well as a number of videos showing how are steel products are made within our manufacturing base in the North East of England.

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