5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (2023)

Cool air in. Hot air out. That’s the basic thermodynamics of every air conditioner.

For that ‘Hot air out’ part, every air conditioner needs an exhaust hose to vent the hot air out. Of course, you’re probably looking for a ventless air conditioner. What is a ventless air conditioner?

“Ventless air conditioner is an AC unit that doesn’t require a vent through the window in order to function properly. That practically eliminates the bothersome installation.”

In the HVAC world, there is no such thing as a ventless air conditioner. This is a phrase to describe evaporative coolers (swamp coolers), sometimes referred to as ‘ventless portable air conditioners’. These can provide a powerful cooling effect without the need for venting:

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (1)

Let us be frank:

Physics can’t be bent. An air conditioner without a vent has no way of how to dissipate the heat. Example: You have a portable air conditioner without window access. It’s physically impossible to create a hot-cold air conditioner exchange without proper ventilation.

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (2)

Note (more later on): That doesn’t mean that ventless coolers don’t exist; they do, create a cooling breeze that cools us but doesn’t decrease the overall temperature. If you are standing in the wind, you will feel colder, but the temperature will be the same; the perceived temperature will change.

These evaporative coolers are the best ventless AC-like units. Their main advantage is that, unlike all air conditioners, they don’t need to be vented. That’s the ‘air conditioner no windows’ problem solved.

If you have a windowless room you want to cool, or if you for some other reason cannot adequately vent an air conditioner, you do have a problem. Everybody understands the struggle of having a hot place that’s impossible to cool down with a standard AC.

What Are Ventless Devices That Can Cool You?

Everybody who’s looking for a solution on the internet will come across articles that feature ‘Top 10 Best Ventless Air Conditioners’. It is important to understand that none of those HVAC devices is a cooling air conditioner. They both fall into two categories:

  1. The ventless air conditioner is not actually an air conditioner without a vent. It’s just a normal portable air conditioner.
  2. It’s an evaporative cooler. Evaporative coolers are, in the HVAC community, known as ‘make-believe air conditioners’ or ‘fake air conditioners’. They create airflow and do work as a glorified fan; however, they don’t actually decrease the temperature in the room. Every single one of them produces the same amount of cooling effect: Exactly 0 BTU.

That being said (very important):

With one exception – the #5 Zero Breeze 2 AC unit that is quite expensive – you only have two choices if you want to get some cooling without the need for a vent:

  1. You can realize that there are no ventless air conditioners; true AC units that have 5,000 BTU, 10,000 BTU, or 15,000 BTU of cooling effect. You can check the truly best portable air conditioner here, window air conditioners here, and ductless mini-splits here.
  2. You invest in the very best evaporative cooler. While coolers don’t have an HVAC-certified cooling effect, they do cool you quite effectively. They create the cool airflow that evaporates the moisture from our skin, and this cools our body. Especially the ones that use ice water are most effective. None of them require venting to work properly.

The evaporative coolers from hOmeLabs, Hessaire, and reliable Honeywell and Black+Decker portable air conditioners without hoses are the most optimum choice for everybody who can’t properly vent an air conditioner.

Before we look at all the best 5 ventless AC options, let’s clarify what are some of the most basic specifications to check before buying an HVAC unit that doesn’t require venting:

3 Basic Things What To Look For When Buying A Ventless AC Like Unit

Ventless evaporative coolers can be very good, or they can be very bad. The key to how to cool yourself without using any vents is the powerful airflow these coolers create.

High Airflow

The higher the airflow, the better. If you look in the table below, you will see that Hessaire MC37M far outpaces all other coolers. On that specification alone you can see that this is the best portable air conditioner without a hose; it cools you quickly and effectively.

Low Noise Levels

High airflow can create quite a lot of noise. In engineering these ventless coolers, there is a desire for a good balance between airflow and noise levels.

A cooler that doesn’t need to be vented at all and creates 1000+ CFM of airflow is rather useless if it generates 70+ dB of noise. In the table of the best ventless coolers below, you will only find ventless AC-like units that are considered quiet or very quiet.

Addition Of Ice Tank

Evaporative coolers use cold water to generate the cooling effect. Cold water is good; ice is even better.

It’s hard to find an advanced ventless cooler that has a tank. That’s why hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V is such a terrific AC-like unit. It has a 10-liter tank that can hold ice.

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (3)

Ice has:

  • Lower temperature than water.
  • Much higher cooling capacity than water.

Of course, you will have to get ice somewhere which is not always easy. However, if your end goal is to have an air conditioner that doesn’t need to be vented through the window, having an ice evaporative cooler is a superior choice to the water-only cooler.

Note: These ventless AC units increase humidity levels. That’s why it is best to use them in dry climates.

Reliability (Importance Of Good Respectable Brand)

Most of the well-recognized HVAC companies don’t produce ventless evaporative coolers. Rather, they produce air conditioners that need to be properly vented.

A respectable brand is the best guarantee for quality and reliability. Honeywell and Black+Decker are two respectable companies that vent into creating their own ventless coolers.

Hessaire, on the other hand, is a good example of a smaller brand that specifically vent out and designed the best portable air conditioner without a hose. That’s what was missing on the market and Hessaire fulfilled that needs.

That is also why Hessaire MC37M is by far the biggest cooler that doesn’t need to be vented.

All in all, considering all these specifications, LearnMetrics has created a list of the best AC-like units that need no venting. Here is the full best-of list, with individual reviews (you can find them below the list):

Best Ventless AC-Like Coolers (That Actually Cool You Down)

Ventless AC Unit#1 hOmeLabs Air Cooler#2 Hessaire MC37M#3 Honeywell TC10PEU#4 BLACK+ DECKER BEAC75#5 Zero Breeze Mark 2
Photo:5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (4)5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (5)5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (6)5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (7)5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (8)
Tank Size:2.6 Gallons (ICE Water Tank)10.3 Gallons//No Tank
Max. Airflow:/3100 CFM194 CFM/152 CFM
Power, Voltage, Amps:130W (120V, 1.1 A)250W (115V, 2.4 A)145W (120V, 1.2 A)90W (120V, 0.75 A)650W (24V, 27A)
Noise Levels:/59 dB/65 dB52 dB
Average Rating:5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (9)5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (10)5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (11)5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (12)5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (13)
Availability: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
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1. hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V (Best Ventless Air Conditioner In 2023; With ICE Tank)

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (14)

Tank Size:2.64 Gallons (You can even fill it up with ice)
Max. Airflow:/
Power, Voltage, Amps:130W (120V, 1.1 A)
Noise Levels:/
Dimensions (LxWxH):14.7″ x 13.1″ x 34″
Weight:18.5 lbs
Rating:5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (15)

hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V is quite a unique ventless cooler; in the most positive way possible. Their tagline is ‘What’s cooler than being cool?’ and they have an ice-cold argument for that; quite literally.

hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V is one of the few evaporative coolers that have an ice tank. 2.64 ice tank, to be exact. That allows it to create a cooling breeze that is way colder than with cold water.

With ventless air conditioners or coolers, lowering the temperature of the source of cooling is of utmost importance. If you start with cold water, you will achieve a lower cooling than with ice.

In comparison, ice has a much higher cooling capacity; it will last much longer than plain water. Obviously, the drawback hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V faces is that you need to get ice, if you want to unlock the extreme cooling capacity. No ice, no high-efficiency cooling.

In short, as far as ventless air conditioners go, hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V is the closest to the real BTU rating of standard air conditioners, primarily because it has the option to add ice to the 10 L tank:

hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V Review


  • Best ventless cooler that can use ice to create a cold breeze
  • Made by hOmeLabs, a name of some renown in the HVAC world
  • Doesn’t require any venting


  • You need to get ice if you want to use ice-cooling
  • Airflow and noise levels are not specified

1. Hessaire MC37M (Very Big Ventless AC-Like Cooler)

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (16)

Tank Size:10.3 Gallons
Max. Airflow:3100 CFM
Power, Voltage, Amps:250W (115V, 2.4 A)
Noise Levels:59 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH):24″ x 16″ x 38″
Weight:39 lbs
Rating:5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (17)

Hessaire MC37M is by far the best and, as a consequence, best-selling big ventless cooler. Hessaire is a company that specialized in engineering coolers, and the MC37M is their best and most popular model.

As you know, if you truly want to have ventless AC-like cooling, you need massive airflow. Hessaire MC37M is capable of creating enormous 3,100 CFM airflow that can cool down places up to 950 sq ft in total. That’s just incredible to achieve with only the evaporation process.

In comparison, other ventless units can create 200 CFM, or maybe 300 CFM. Hessaire really double-downed on creating a truly supercharged chilling ventless AC-like unit (of course, you can lower the airflow if it gets too cold).

Generally, high airflow ventless units have high noise levels. Hessaire MC37M is designed really well and created only 59 dB of noise. That’s on par with the quietest portable and quietest window air conditioners.

(Video) Best Portable Air Conditioner without Window Access 2022 🏆 Top 5 Reviews

The supercharged Hessaire MC37M does require more energy than other low airflow units; 250W to be exact. That’s much less than ordinary vented AC units but still more than 200 CFM coolers.

All in all, given the supercharged airflow (3,100 CFM in total), and the specialized cooler focus by Hessaire, the Hessaire MC37M is by far the coldest (and thus best) cooler that doesn’t need to be vented:

Hessaire MC37M Review


  • Ultimate big ventless AC-like cooler
  • Generates a grand total of 3,100 CFM (10x more than other coolers)
  • Has a quiet operation; with 59 max. noise level
  • Very affordable given the quality, reliability, and cooling capabilities


  • Does require a little more electricity; powered by 250W (other ventless coolers require 50-150W)

3. Honeywell TC10PEU (Cheapest Ventless Air Conditioner Like Unit)

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (18)

Cooling Capacity:0 BTU
Max. Airflow:194 CFM
Power, Voltage, Amps:145W (120V, 1.2 A)
Noise Levels:/
Dimensions (LxWxH):11.5″ x 11.6″ x 29.6″
Weight:14 lbs
Rating:5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (19)

Honeywell is one of the top brands in the HVAC industry. They make everything from air conditioners to dehumidifiers, and so on. In recent years, they have also developed a model that everybody looking for a ventless air conditioner will love: the Honeywell TC10PEU.

Honeywell TC10PEU is a solid and reliable device. First of all, all hats of to Honeywell to write precisely what the Honeywell TC10PEU does; or, at least, not to claim this is the best ventless air conditioner in the market.

“Mimic the comfort of a cool lake breeze.”

This is the Honeywell TC10PEU tagline and it’s exactly what this ventless device does. It is a spot cooler and cools your immediate area; and, best of all, it doesn’t need to be vented.

The unit generates 194 CFM of airflow. To be fair, that’s about average for a standard spot cooler. You can plug it in any 120 V electrical outlet and you have the immediate cooling effect without any exhaust hoses that would need to be vented out of the window.

The best thing about Honeywell TC10PEU is the price. With a price tag of below $200, this is the cheapest ventless AC-like device you’ll find. Honeywell, in general, has a good reputation to produce budget-friendly and reliable devices, and the Honeywell TC10PEU cooler is not an exception.

All in all, this is one reliable and cheap air conditioner-like cooler that doesn’t need to be vented. It’s an affordable and decent choice:

Honeywell TC10PEU Review


  • Made by Honeywell; reliable and affordable
  • Cheapest good ventless cooler on the market
  • Incredibly easy to use; just plug in and feel the breeze
(Video) The 5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners in 2023 | Reviews | Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioner


  • It does have below 200 CFM airflow; not all that intense cooling

4. BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 (Reliable Ventless AC Like Unit)

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (20)

Cooling Capacity:0 BTU
Max. Airflow:/
Power, Voltage, Amps:90W (120V, 0.75 A)
Noise Levels:65 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH):13.6″ x 15.8″ x 36.6″
Weight:17.0 lbs
Rating:5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (21)

BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 has a similar story to the Honeywell TC10PEU. BLACK+DECKER is a reliable company that makes a whole range of HVAC devices; the BEAC75 is the version of a ventless cooler that can dub as an air conditioner without the venting needs.

It has all the features a cooler should have: 3 different fan speeds (Low, Medium, High), and 4 operational modes (Normal, Natural, Sleep, Smart). It is designed as a ventless cooler for your immediate surroundings.

It has an easy-to-use control panel and quite appealing design, characteristic of most BLACK+DECKER HVAC devices.

At high speed, however, it can produce up to 65 dB noise. That’s a lot less than the high airflow units, but it’s not ideal.

BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 is available at a very budget-friendly price. Similar to Honeywell ventless AC-like unit, it costs less than $200:



  • Very easy to use with the user-friendly control panel
  • 3 fan speeds, 4 operational modes
  • Made by BLACK+DECKER; a reliable brand
  • Costs less than $200


  • We don’t have full info on airflow dynamics
  • Sounds levels at High speed can reach 65 dB; not ideal

5. Zero Breeze Mark 2 (Best Battery-Powered “Ventless” Air Conditioner That Works Without A Window)

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (22)

Cooling Capacity:2,300 BTU
Max. Airflow:152 CFM
Power, Voltage, Amps:240W (24V, 10 A)
Noise Levels:52 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH):20″ x 10″ x 11″
Weight:16.5 lbs
Rating:5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2023 (No Window Access) (23)
(Video) Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioners 2022 - The Only 5 You Should Consider Today

There is only one real ventless air conditioner. Not an AC-like cooler, but a true HVAC heat-pump and refrigerant-based air conditioner; the battery-operated Zero Breeze Mark 2.

It’s a remarkable device. This ventless AC unit produces 2,300 BTU of actual cooling effect. Compared to 0 BTU all other coolers produce, the Zero Breeze Mark 2 is the ultimate choice if you need an AC that doesn’t have to be vented.

About the venting part: Does Zero Breeze Mark 2 magically break the basic rules of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics that, translated, clearly state that ‘there cannot be an air conditioning cooling effect without a vent’. Not at all; Zero Breeze Mark 2 is an almost ventless air conditioner. It does create a much much lower ‘hot air out’ airflow and thus needs only limited venting.

Given that it creates a real air conditioning effect, the Zero Breeze Mark 2 does require a whole lot of energy more than 0 BTU coolers. With 650W, it can generate, as we have stated, 2,300 BTU of cooling effect.

The important aspect is that, due to the lower airflow needed, it’s also whisper-quiet compared to other ventless AC units. That’s because it was designed as a perfect air conditioner for tents; can’t sleep with a noisy AC unit, right? At its maximum BTU output, it generates only 52 dB of noise.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 only has one drawback, and it’s a major one. The price. This is a superbly made unit only affluent people can afford. Full with the battery, it costs more than $1,000.

All in all, Zero Breeze Mark 2 is an actual air conditioner that requires minimal venting, and it generates a real cooling effect. No other cooler will lower the temperature in the room; Zero Breeze Mark 2 is the only minimal-venting air conditioner that will do that, and do that remarkably well:

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Review


  • The only true air conditioner that requires minimal venting (can’t bend physics, of course)
  • Can generate 2,300 BTU of cooling effect compared to 0 BTU of cooling effect coolers create
  • It has an ultra-quiet operation; you can even sleep with it in the tent
  • Superb engineering, aesthetics, and reliability


  • It does cost quite a lot; only affluent people can afford it

Ventless Air Conditioners FAQ

Air conditioners or AC-like units that don’t require venting are quite a phenomenon and there are quite a few questions our readers might be needing an answer to.

To accommodate this, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ventless air conditioners:

Do Ventless Air Conditioners Work?

No, and yes. Ventless air conditioners are not exactly air conditioners at all; they are evaporative coolers that use airflow to create a cooling effect. They have 0 BTU cooling effect but can make you feel colder.

“Mimic the comfort of a cooler lake breeze” is the best way to describe this type of ventless air conditioner. If you’re standing in the wind, you feel cooler, right? The temperature is still the same but you feel cooler due to the evaporation process on your skin.

This is exactly how ventless air conditioner-like cooler work; they create an airflow that cools us, but they don’t decrease the overall temperature like standard air conditioners.

Are There Any Portable Air Conditioners That Don’t Require Venting?

Again, yes and no. No actual air conditioner can work without the ‘hot air out’ venting; that’s just basic physics.

There are air conditioners that require minimal venting. Example: You can check the #1 Zero Breeze Mark 2; the best overall ventless air conditioner on the list above. It’s battery-powered and hence works as the ultimate portable air conditioner; you are not limited by any wires.

Is there a portable air conditioner that doesn’t need a window?

Yes. The truly ventless cooling devices are called evaporative coolers or ‘swamp coolers’. They create airflow and cool you like a cool wind; they do not, however, lower the overall temperature of the room like portable air conditioners that need to be vented.

For all other questions, you can use the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.

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Is there a portable air conditioner that does not need a window? ›

Is there a portable air conditioner that doesn't need a window? Yes. The truly ventless cooling devices are called evaporative coolers or "swamp coolers."

Can I use a portable air conditioner in a room without window access? ›

Yes. For window AC insulation, most portable ACs require a window to vent out warm air, there are other options to consider when your room is windowless. You can vent out the warm exhaust air through the wall, the ceiling, the door, or the dryer vents, depending on your most convenient option.

Is there a portable air conditioner that you don t have to vent? ›

Evaporative air coolers offer a ventless portable air conditioner option. These portable AC units don't have a hose and deliver cool air in your home by evaporating water. These add moisture and humidity to the air. They are efficient in dry climates but less effective in humid areas.

Is there such thing as a windowless AC unit? ›

A windowless air conditioner is a self-contained unit that does not have to sit on your windowsill. Although many experts argue that windowless air conditioners are less efficient than other units, there are number benefits of buying a windowless model.

Do ventless air conditioners work? ›

Do portable ventless air conditioners work? Yes, but they don't feel the same as an AC-cooled room. You'll feel cool, moist air, opposite from an HVAC system that dries the air as it cools.

What happens if you don't vent a portable air conditioner? ›

If you take off the vent hose, though, the AC will just run your room air through a cycle between cool-and-dry and hot-and-humid. Since most units consume about 1,000 watts of electricity, this would actually heat up your room far more than it would cool off.

How can I use a portable air conditioner in my garage with no windows? ›

There are windowless rooms but there are no doorless rooms. Every room has a door, and you can vent a portable air conditioner through the door. Using door venting is the most common way of venting a portable air conditioner without a window.

Do all AC units need to vent outside? ›

It's necessary to vent portable air conditioners because they extract hot air. If you want your air conditioning system to cool the room effectively, you need to let the hot air vent to the outside. When you purchase a portable air conditioner, the venting kit will almost always be included.

Is there an AC unit that doesn't need electricity? ›

Liquid nitrogen is being used to power the world's first air conditioner that works without electricity. There are no wires, no power supply and no greenhouse gas emissions with the revolutionary Kensho unit, which has been developed and patented in Israel.

Do ventless air conditioners cause mold? ›

Having mold in your ductless mini split unit is a disgusting problem, and unfortunately, a rather common one. Ductless Mini Split systems can be filled with dirt, debris, and mold if they are not properly maintained. Left ignored, the inside of your ductless mini split could become a home for mold and mildew.

Will a ductless air conditioner cool a whole house? ›

‍A Ductless mini-split air conditioner is capable of cooling and heating a whole house with the right system and proper care. Multiple units can be connected to a network that efficiently provides air across the entirety of the home. Most homes required multiple mini-split air conditioning units to cool them.

How long can you run a ductless AC? ›

If you invest in ductless mini split systems like those produced by LG, Mitsubishi, Boreal, and GREE, you can expect your air conditioning to run upward of 20 years.

Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from a portable air conditioner? ›

The short answer is no, air conditioners are unable to produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can only be emitted from fuel-burning devices. AC units run on electricity, so there's no possible way for them to produce carbon monoxide.

Is it OK to spray water on your air conditioner while running? ›

The good news is that you absolutely can spray water on your air conditioner if it needs a cleaning, and nothing bad will happen. Spraying water on your AC's condenser also helps it run more efficiently.


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